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Until the formation of the VFL in 1897, the Victorian Football Association was the leading football competition in the state. Formed in 1877 the Association replaced the loosely affiliated leagues and gatherings of clubs that had been the norm since the early days of the game. The founding clubs Albert Park, East Melbourne, Essendon, Geelong, Hotham (later North Melbourne), Melbourne and St. Kilda met at Oliver's Cafe in Collins Street on May 7 to create the organisation fwhich would survive almost 125 years before disbanding.

Despite the emergence of the VFL, the Association continued to remain strong throughout the first three-quarters of the 20th century, with Sunday football as their drawcard. During the 1940's there was serious talk about a merger of the two competitions, with the VFA forming a second division, but the talks broke down when the two sides split over automatic promotion and relegation against 'playoff' matches to determine league status.

However as the VFL/AFL started to encroach on this, and the money on offer in the big leagues too much for players to turn back, clubs started to falter and attendances dropped. By the late 1980's several famous clubs had gone under and the league had scaled back from a two division operation to one competition.

In 1995 the competition adopted the name "VFL", which had been dropped by the national competition at the start of 1990. Melbourne enjoyed a successful alignment with the Sandringham Zebras from 2000 to 2008, during which Sandringham won four premierships.

Since 2009 Melbourne have been aligned with Casey.


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Records (1877-1896)

Albert Park 222
Ballarat 402
Ballarat Imperial 003
Barwon 010
East Melbourne 400
Fitzroy 5513
Hotham 14510
North Melbourne915
Port Melbourne 907
Prahran 100
South Ballarat 100
South Melbourne12620
South Williamstown 200
St Kilda1016
West Melbourne 212
Williamstown 1036


Players that played for VFA/VFL clubs before or after (but not during) their MFC career. Does not include VFL affiliated clubs while on AFL club lists.

Bendigo Diggers/Bombers

Nick Carter
Gary Moorcroft

Box Hill Mustangs/Hawks

Matthew Bishop
Brian Cook
Simon Godfrey
Andy Goodwin
Daniel Hughes
Cameron Hunter
Max Jeffers
Tassie Johnson (Captain/Coach)
Matt Jones
Colin Love
Cameron Pedersen
Nick Smith
Kevin Webb
Adem Yze

Brighton Penguins/Caulfield Bears

Eric Andersen
Dick Atkinson (Captain/Coach)
Charlie Barnes
Les Boyd
Ed Buckley
Ted Buckley
Joe Canavan
George Cassidy
Mike Collins (1971-1974)
Clem Conroy
Brian Cook
Hugh Dunbar (coach)
Ron Hall
Harry Harley
Vernon Hazel
Fred Hewitt
Alf Jones
Les Jones
George Knight
Otto Landmann
Tom Magee
Hassa Mann (Coach)
Bill McIntyre
Keith Molloy
Harry New
Ray Niven
Ernie O'Rourke
Hughie Odgers
Jack Pickford
Arthur Pound
Alex Rennolds
Kelvin Richards
Russell Rowe
Ralph Shalless
Bill Shelton
Les Smith
Eric Tonkin
Percy Tulloh
Darcy Walsh
Norm Wilson

Brunswick Magpies

Les Abbott
Jack Baquie
Ron Baggott (Captain/Coach)
Colin Bradley
Bruce Brown
Tom Flower
Ossie Green
Harry Harker
Ron Hobba
Stan Huntington
Mark Jackson
Joe Kinnear
Geoff McInnes
Jack McKenzie (Captain/Coach)
Bill McKeone
Ted Parker
Eric Parsons
Alec Proudfoot
Henry Smith
Ray Smith
Clyde Stanway
Howard Steel
Rodney Wright

Camberwell Tricolours/Cobras

Bert Avery
Dave Bedford
Peter Brenchley (Coach)
Neil Chamberlain
Jim Cowell (Coach)
Dave Elliman
Tom Flower
Lew Gough
Harry Harley
George Lenne
Geoff Mason
Ken McKaige
Terry Mountain
Jack Sambell
Ray Smith (Captain/Coach)
Bill Vanthoff
Glenn Walley
Ray Wartman
Percy Wilson
Max Wright


Cameron Hunter

Coburg Lions/Tigers

Tom Bush
Percy Colee
Jack Connole
Tom Elliott
Vernon Hazel
Joe Hogan
Jack Huntington
Stan Huntington
Paul Hurst
Anthony McDonald
Cale Morton
Aubrey Neal
Alec Proudfoot
Bill Ralston
Ike Sellers
Len Smith (coach)
Peter Smith
Ron Wilson
Charles Young


Tom Couch
Liam Jurrah

Dandenong Redlegs

Ray Biffin (Captain/Coach)
Paul Callery
Greg Doyle
Tony Elshaug (Captain/Coach)
Gary Guy
Herbie Matthews


Matthew Bate

Essendon Association

Clarrie Abbott
Albert Bickford
Doug Chapman
Alf George
Charlie Goding
Frank Harris
Percy Hordern
Stan Huntington
George Martin
George McCart
Jack McKenzie (Captain/Coach)


Bill Daly
Fred Elliott
Percy Ellingsen
Bill Fawcett
George Garlick
Bill Gillespie
Mitch Hannan
John Lord 1921-1923
Bill Lyte
Aubrey MacKenzie
Bill McIntyre
Ernie McMaster
Victor Nielson
Roy Park
Vern Rowe

Frankston Dolphins

Luke Beveridge
Frank Davis (Coach)
Ryan Ferguson
Andy Goodwin
Gary Guy
Bret Hutchinson
Ken Jungwirth
Brett Lovett (Coach)
Matthew Mahoney
James Magner
Rod Owen
Ken Rowe (Coach)
Russell Rowe (Coach)
Chris Sullivan
Josh Tynan

Geelong Association

Percy Ellingsen


Tom Couch

Geelong West Roosters

Nigel Kol
Greg Sizer


Harry Bruce
Doug Chapman
Jim Fitzpatrick
Reg Gibb
Vic Gordon
Norm Henderson
Phil Hosking
Clarrie Lethlean
Fred Long
Jack McKenzie
Jack Pickford
Alex Salvado
Jack Woolley

Hotham/North Melbourne

Les Abbott
Percy Ellingsen
Jack Geggie
Bill Homan
Jack Johnson
Andy Kennedy
John Lewis
Herb Matthews
Jack Smith
Eric Tonkin
Tom Watson

Melbourne City

Archie Pratt
Billy Quinn

Moorabbin Kangaroos

Garry Baker (Coach)
Neil Bencraft (Coach)
Tony Bull
Alf Copsey
Ben Crameri
Alan Daly
Gary Hardeman
Maurie Lehmann
Peter Schofield
Greg Wells

Mordialloc Bloodhounds

Mark Alves
Garry Baker
John Kerr
Kevin Moore
Peter Slade
Peter Williamson

North Ballarat Roosters

Mark Bradly
Darren Jolly

Northcote Brickfielders/Dragons

Bill Adams
Eddie Craddock
Ben Crameri (Coach)
Billy Deans (Playing coach)
Jack Hammond
Ernie Hart
Jack Haw
Bill Hore
Robert C Johnson
Roy Gray
Con Kenney
Brian Leahy
Billy Libbis
Paddy Mills
Les Minto
Len Norman
Jack O'Keefe
Archie Pratt
Alex Salvado
Len Smith
Roy Stabb
Hedley Tomkins
Herbert White
Jack Woolley

Oakleigh Devils

Chris Aitken
Paul Callery (Captain/Coach)
Ray Carr
Wally Carter
Russell Colcott
Neil Crompton (Coach)
Vince Driver
Kevin Dyson
John Forster
Graham Gaunt
Jack Geggie (Captain/Coach)
Jack Harrison
Clarrie Lethlean
Tom Quinn
Robert B Johnson (Captain/Coach)
Greg MacDonald
John Murnane
Charles Pagnoccolo
Henry Ritterman
Russell Rowe (coach)
Paul Rowlands
Ted Thomas
Ian Todd

Port Melbourne Boroughs

Les Abbott
Ron Barassi
Harry Brereton
Bruce Brown
Jack Cannan
Doug Chapman
Mick Comber
Harry Cope
Vin Coutie
Harry Coy
Aaron Davey
Herb Friend
Paul Goss
Herbert Hill
Les Jones
Herb Joolen
Frank Kelly (Captain/Coach)
Ron Kimberley
Leo Little
Charlie Longhurst
Jim Mackie
Ron Marshall
Geoff McInnes
George Milner
Laurie Mithen (Captain/Coach)
John Quirk
George St John
Peter Smith
Brian Stynes
Percy Taylor
Josh Tynan
Cliff Tyson
Shane Valenti
Percy Wilson

Prahran Two Blues

Bill Adams (Captain/Coach)
Robin Andrew
Mick Anthony
Bill Atkinson
Bert Avery
Maurie Bartlett
Art Beaumont
Stuart Cameron
Vin Catoggio
Bert Chadwick
Doug Chapman
Kelvin Clarke
Jim Conquest
John Dellamarta
Brian Dixon
Rob Dowsing
Jim Durnan
Ken Emselle
Arthur Ferguson
John Forster
Alf George
Michael George
Glenn Giles
Peter Giles
Lew Gough
Shane Grambeau
Archie Grigg
Peter Hamilton
Peter Hannan
Ray Harvey
Jack House
Greg Hutchison (Captain/Coach)
Dennis Jones (Coach)
Ken Jungwirth
Bryan Kenneally
John Lord 1921-1923 (Captain/Coach)
Greg Lourey
Bob Love
Percy Love
Ian McGuinness
Bob McKenzie
Geoff McNaughton
Shane McSpeerin
Vern Moore
Bill Morrow
David Murray
Len Norman
Frank O'Connor
Ivan Porter
Rod Payne
Mike Power
Billy Quinn
Frank Richardson
Howard Richardson
Archie Roberts
Kerry Ryan
Lou Salvana
Peter Sinclair
Frank Smith
Kim Smith
Bob Spargo
Robert Stewart
Brian Stynes
Jim Stynes
Peter Thorne
John Townsend
Percy Tulloh
Bill Tymms
Barrie Vagg
Peter Weekes
Robin White
Don Williams
Gary Wynd
Graeme Yeats

Preston/Northern Bullants

Bill Adams
Colin Bradley
Shane Braddy
Matthew Collins
Bob Constable
Harry Davie
Arthur Dickens
Arthur Franklin
Wayne Gordon
Alex Gray
Bill Hendrie
Fred Howard
Norm Matthews
Mark McKeon
Gary Moorcroft
Wyn Murray
Bill Robinson
Alan Ryan
Hedley Tomkins
Billy Walsh
Tom Watson
Herbert White
Ted Wood
Jack Woolley


Stewart Geddes
Jack Geggie
Bill Hendrie
Herbert Hill
Len Incigneri
Ted Leach
Dick Pirrie
Harry Rigby
Tommy Ryan
Wally Sykes
Ernie Vollugi
Ted Wade
Tom Watson

Sandringham Zebras

Bret Bailey
Neil Bencraft
Les Boyd
Ross Brewer
Denis Clark
Kelvin Clarke
Alf Copsey
Jamie Duursma
Frank Giampaolo
Peter Giles
David Grant
Jack Hiscock
Barry Hodges
Cameron Hunter
Brent Jones
Carlyle Jones
David Kelly
Alan Krause
Chris Lamb
Norm Leverton
Bill London
Andy Lovell (Coach)
Brett Lovett (Coach)
Marty Lyons
James Magner
Ron McKenzie
Glenn McLean
Tom McLean
Graham Osborne
Mal Owens
Billy Quinn
Phil Rhoden
Kelvin Richards
Guy Rigoni
Haydn Robins
Frank Rugolo
Joe Rugolo
Ray Sampson
Frank Scanlan
Jamie Shanahan
Len Toyne
Bill Tymms
Shane Valenti
Glenn Walley
Stephen Wearne
Fred Webster
Terry Wilkins
Charles Young

Springvale/Casey Scorpions/Demons

Ted Carroll
Gary Cooke
Troy Davis
Russell Dickson
Greg Doyle
Laurie Fowler (Captain/Coach)
Glenn Giles
Peter Keays
John Kerr
Doug Koop
Brett Lovett (Coach)
Phil Pinnell (Captain/Coach)
Scott Simister
Tim Smith

Tasmania Devils

Ben Beams

Waverley Panthers

Peter Brenchley
Ross Brewer
Russell Dickson
Alec Ingwersen
Laurie Fowler
John Gallus
Bob Langford
Kevin Mithen
Neville Stone
Tony Sullivan (Coach)
Tony Thiessen
Ian Thorogood (Captain/Coach)

Werribee Tigers

David Allday
Bill Baxter
John Comben
Neil Crompton (Captain/Coach)
Ted Fidge
Barry Ough
Greg Sizer
Shaun Smith

West Melbourne

Albert Gourlay
George McCart
Les Minto

Williamstown Seagulls

Dale Anderson
George Archibald
Shane Braddy
Billy Bremner
Arthur Britt
John Dorgan
Adrian Dullard (Captain/Coach)
Tony Dullard
Dave Elliman
Frank Ellis
Eric Glass
Jim Jenkinson
Gordon Landy
John Lord 1921-1923 (Captain/Coach)
Todd McHardy
George McNeilage
Bobby Monk
Aubrey Neal
Bernie Neenan
Gordon Ogden
Laurie Ogilvie
Vern Rowe
Tom Sadlier
Craig Smoker
Bob Spargo
Percy Streeter
George Woods

Yarraville Eagles

Peter Hannan
Ron Irwin
David Kelly
Brian Leahy
Gordon Ogden (coach)
Percy Streeter
Kevin Webb

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