Coaching Staff

Brett Allison 2014-2016 Head of Development
Ron Baggott 1958-1961 Assistant Coach
Peter Banfield 2001-2002 Assistant Coach
Francis Bourke 1984-1985 Assistant coach
Leigh Brown 2012-2013 Forward Coach
Troy Chaplin 2017- Offensive Coordinator and backline coach
Craig Cameron 1997-2008 Recruiting Manager
Neil Craig 2012-2013 Director of Sports Performance
David Crottie 1998-? Fitness Coach
Peter Curran 2005-2007 Assistant Coach
Phil Davis 1985Fitness and video coach
Matthew Egan 2017- Head of Development and forward coach
Chris Fagan 1998-2005 Assistant/Reserves Coach
Graham Farmer 1973 Ruck coach
Darren Flanigan 2003 Ruck coach
Paul Ford 1998-2002? Strength & Conditioning Coach
Adrian Gallagher ?1981? Assistant coach and selector
Simon Goodwin 2015- Assistant coach
Aaron Greaves 2012-2013 Midfield development coach
George Hammill ?1950? Trainer
Roger Hampson 1984 Assistant Under 19s coach under Ray Jordon
Joel Hocking 2009-2011 Fitness Coach
Anthony Ingerson 2002 Tall defenders coach
Craig Jennings 2016- Game analyst, strategy and education coordinator
Chris Jones ?-1997 Fitness Coach
Bob Kerr 1990-1992 Assistant Under 19s and Reserves coach
Simon Madden 1998-? Ruck Coach
Josh Mahoney 2008- Forward coach and Football Manager
Ben Mathews 2014- Midfield Coach, stoppages and contest coach
Joe McCormack 1919Trainer
Brendan McCartney 2015-2019 Strategy and Development coach, defensive coach
Jack McLoughlan 1962 Fitness advisor
Andrew McQualter 2024- Coach
Rocky Meehan 1980s Strength and fitness coach
Brad Miller 2014-2015 Development Coach
David Misson 2012- Fitness Manager
Ross Monaghan ?-2008 Football Operations Manager
John Newman 1983-mid 80s Ruck coach
Leigh Newton 2008 Ruck coach
Andrew Nichol 2011-2012 Backline Development Coach
John Nicholls 1981 Ruck coach
Gordon Ogden 1962-1965 Assistant Coach
Justin Plapp 2015- Casey Demons coach, midfield development coach
Barry Prendergast 2006-2011 Matchday Analyst/Recruiting Manager
Laurie Prosser 1971?-1973 Fitness advisor
Sam Radford 2019 Casey Demons coach
Brett Ratten 2004 Midfield coach
Jade Rawlings 2012- Backline coach, Casey Demons coach and forward coach
Matt Rendell 1997-99 Tactics and Ruck Coach/Reserves Coach
Alan Richardson 2020- Director of Coaching
Barry Richardson 1981-1997 Chairman of Selectors
Anthony Rock 2005-? Midfield Coach
Max Rooke 2017- Development coach and forward coach
Brian Royal 2000-2004, 2011-2013 Assistant Coach, Defensive Coach, Midfield Coach
Peter Russo 1993-1996 Reserves coach
Paul Satterley 2012-2013 Forward Development Coach
Don Scott Late 80's/Early 90's Ruck coach
Bernie Sheehy Early 80sAssistant coach
Roy Simmonds 1974-1977 Assistant coach/Reserves Coach
Greg Stafford 2014- Ruck coach
George Stone 2014 Midfield and Strategy Coach
Jim Stynes 2000-2002 Ruck coach
Jason Taylor 2013- National Recruiting Manager
Sean Wellman 2008-2010 Defensive coach
Scott West 2010-2011 Midfield coach
Mark Williams 2021- Head of Development
Mark Williams 2011 2004-2011 Sandringham Coach/Development Coach
Paul Williams 2007-2008 Assistant coach
Adrian Wright ?1964-1966? Physiotherapist
Graeme Yeats 2000-2003 Sandringham Coach and Assistant Coach
Adem Yze 2021-2023 Midfield coach
Shane Zantuck 1987-1988? Specialist coach
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