Round 2 1957

Round 2, 1957
Melbourne vs Collingwood
Saturday 27 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 44,971

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 8 points

Goalkickers: Robert B Johnson 3, Geoff Tunbridge 2, Athol Webb 2, Ron Barassi 1, Peter Cook 1, Dick Fenton-Smith 1

First game
Peter Brenchley
Ben Crameri
Dick Fenton-Smith (also first goal)
Graeme Pinfold

50 games
Robert B Johnson
Laurie Mithen

After a surprise Round 1 loss against Fitzroy, the Demons returned home to unfurl their premiership flag and face a Grand Final rematch against the Magpies. It was the fourth time in five competitive fixtures that the two clubs had played, dating back to Round 18 the previous season.

Responding to the shock loss Melbourne introduced four first games, and they were introduced to league football in a hard slog of a game where players tore into each other ferociously. One casualty was Collingwood defender Lloyd Williams, who broke his leg badly. Because of a mix-up a stretcher was not available and was forced to lie on the ground for ten minutes before the top of a rubbing down table was liberated from the Collingwood dressing room to carry him off. He would never play league football again.

The Demons went into the last quarter with a 17 point lead and had to withstand a comeback in the last term where the Pies got back within two points before emerging with their first victory of the season. Collingwood might have taken the lead but for two shocking shots on goal from forward Murray Weideman from 20 yards out.

Bet were Ian McLean, Robert B Johnson and Trevor Johnson. Pinfold replaced Lord (thigh) and Crameri replaced Carroll (knee) during the game. Ben Crameri suffered a broken nose in his debut.

Newspapers showed the crowd as 45,571

Collingwood 10.14 d. Melbourne 7.18
Goals - Unknown
Best - Thorogood, Jones, Case

Collingwood 15.14 d. Melbourne 4.7

Newspaper appears to show Collingwood's thirds score as 13.14

Age - 29/04/1957
Age - 30/04/1957
Football Record R3 1957

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