Unknown Players 1890s-1920s

See also Other Players, Unknown Players 1950s-1990s, and Pre-VFL players.


Dinsmore 1897 Mid-season recruit, captain of Wesley College. Possibly BS Dinsmore (Age 18/05/1896)
Edgar 1898 Reported as likely to play Round 6 but did not. From Ascot Vale. May have been stopped from playing by a permit dispute.
Gardner 1897 From Collegians. Probably Harry Gardner
Gilligan 1898 From Albert Park. Either T Gilligan or S. Gilligan. One of the Gilligans was at Essendon in the same pre-season.
Hourigan 1897 From Maryborough
Hughes 1898 Recruit
Johnson 1897 From Coranderrk. Follower. Possibly George Johnstone or M. Johnson
O'Driscoll 1897 To White Feather (WA) in 1898. May have been from the city rather than the club.
Paull 1899, 1902 Reappeared in 1902 pre-season
Price 1897 Forward from Rutherglen/Numurkah
Scott 1897 Played in a pre-season practice match
Searle 1899 Pre-season player.
Smith 1897 Played in a pre-season practice match
Thompson 1897 Winger from a 'second-rate' junior club. Probably the same as an 1896 Thompson from South St Kilda
Woods 1897 Pre-season player from Ballarat. Possibly Alf Wood


Blackwood 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Brown 1908 A recruit from 'Ports'
Collins 1902 Pre-season half back
Cordner 1904 Pre-season player. Probably Edward Cordner
A. Coutie 1905 Played in the 1905 exhibition match in Sale. Probably related to Vin Coutie
Dalrymple 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. Not Syd Dalrymple
Daniels 1909 Pre-season follower from Maffra
Davern 1907 Toured Tasmania
Dolphan 1905 Likely Bill Dolphin
Ellis 1905
Ferguson 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team
Forrest 1920 Seconds player
Hodges 1909 Pre-season half forward from Brighton
G. Holland 1900
Humphreys 1904 Pre-season player
H. Hunter 1903 Signed to the club
A. Irwin 1909 Pre-season follower from Melbourne Swimming Club. Unlikely to be Les Irwin as they both played on Saturday 15 May.
Jacoby 1902 Pre-season backman from Collegians
Johnson 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Jury 1920 Seconds player
Kirby 1905 From Bendigo
B. Langley 1905 Shown as Melbourne's representative in a running race for players. Not Frank Langley.
Lewers 1901 1901 pre-season player from Trinity College
Lloyd 1902 Pre-season wingman from South Australia
Mallock 1905 From Western Australia. Possibly from Imperials
McBean 1904 Pre-season player. Possibly Charles McLean ex-Scotch College, later Hawthorn in the same season.
Moore 1902 Pre-season player
Moore 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Parker 1904 Played in a pre-season 'old players' team. Probably a misspelling of Harry Parkin
Pullen 1902 Pre-season player
Pumby 1920 Seconds player
Rowe 1902 Pre-season player
Schuncke 1909 Recruit from Carlton Juniors. Either Charlie Schunke or brother Eddie.
Sinclair 1904 Pre-season player
Small 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. Probably a misspelling of Lionel Smale
Smith 1904 Pre-season player from Tramways
Sutton 1900 Defender
Timms 1902 Pre-season player
Van Larnick 1904 Played in a pre-season 'old players' team.
J. Walsh 1903 From Carlton clearance refused at first. Likely Bobby Walsh.
Ward 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. From Northcote/Sydney
Woodhouse 1902 Pre-season player. Probably Reg Woodhouse


Adams 1912 Played on trip to Tasmania
Adams 1913 Pre-season tall follower/forward from 'one of the colleges' or Elsternwick
G. Allan 1914 Pre-season player from Hawthorn
Amsting 1913 Went on tour to Tasmania
LW Anderson 1912 To Western Australia before Round 5 1912
Armstrong 1914 From Daylesford. Likely returned to Daylesford after not winning a spot
Bailey 1911 Half-back and captain of a Bendigo junior team
Baker 1910 Pre-season player. Son of ex-Carlton player Jack Baker.
Barlett 1912 Ex-Fitzroy pre-season player]. Probably Herman Bartlett from 1910
J. Barnes 1914 1912 pre-season forward
T. Bayliss 1914 Pre-season forward
from Richmond District. Failed to make the side and went to Brighton. Likely 'Tom' who played for Collingwood District in 1915.
Bell 1910 Pre-season player
Bolton 1910 Pre-season player
Boulder 1913 Pre-season recruit winger from Hastings
E. Bourke 1913 Pre-season forward from Seymour
C. Buckley 1915 Wore #30. Possibly Ed Buckley
Burge 1912 Pre-season follower from Training College. Probably Cliff Burge
Burns 1913 Pre-season player from Caulfield
E. Cannale 1913 World War I serviceman who returned in 1919.
Carmichael 1913 From Carlton
Casanella 1911 Rover from CBC North Melbourne
Clarke 1911 From Essendon. Likely the same as the other 1911 Clarke
Clarke 1911 Pre-season half-back from Engineers.
Clemenger 1914 Pre-season recruit from Elsternwick. Rover. At Elsternwick since at least 1911. Possibly John Clemenger. Returned to Elsternwick in 1914.
H. Colquhoun 1915 From Deniliquin
Colley 1914 Pre-season follower from Coburg
Cowell 1910
Cowell 1914 Wore #39
Dean 1912 Pre-season forward from Shepparton
Dodemaide 1919 Also a policeman
Dougall 1912 Pre-season Follower from Fortrose
Eastaway 1914 Pre-season player from Northcote
Edwards 1911 Reserve for trip to Wagga
J. Fitzpatrick 1910 Possibly separate to Jim Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick 1915 Pre-season player and brother of Jim Fitzpatrick
W Fleming 1912 From East Sydney
Fontaine 1911
Fowler 1910 Pre-season player
Francis 1912 Follower from Hastings
M. George 1919 Cleared to Prahran. Probably Mick George - VFA Project profile
Gordon 1909-1910 Defender from a junior team. Possibly Rothwell Gordon. Also appeared in 1910 pre-season
C. Green 1914 Pre-season half-back from Richmond District
M. Guthrie 1914 Pre-season follower from Richmond District
B. Hair 1913 Pre-season winger from Brighton
Hall 1910 Pre-season forward from 23Collingwood District
Heineman 1912 Pre-season half-back from Norwood
Hook 1910 Pre-season player
Hoskins ? Shown as a Melbourne player in a wartime squad. Probably Phil Hosking.
J. Haughton/Houghton 1914 Pre-season follower from Toora.
E. Johnson/Johnston 1914 Pre-season recruit. Backman who won the league B&F playing for Richmond District in 1913
Jones 1910 Pre-season player
WH Jones 1913 From Richmond in May 1913, to North Melbourne in May 1914. VFA Project profile
Kellar 1913 Two Kellars played on Tasmanian tour
L. Kennedy 1914 Pre-season player from Ormond College
WH Kyte 1910 Club masseur
Lane 1912 Pre-season player from West Adelaide
Lethbridge 1910 Pre-season player
Lucas 1915 Wore #30. Listed in Round 7 only.
Malley 1914 From Wonthaggi
Mann 1910 Pre-season player
McEwan 1911 Follower from Beverley. Likey the same as a W. McEwan
W. McEwan 1912 To Richmond in May 1913
McKenzie 1912 Pre-season player. Brother of Bill McKenzie. Was said to be playing a senior game during June but did not appear.
McFarland 1911 To Port Melbourne in June
McLeod 1912 Pre-season half-forward from Murchison
McNamara 1912 Pre-season player from Adelaide
Mills 1910 From Bendigo
S. Morris 1914 Pre-season player from Hawthorn
Morrison 1913-1914 Pre-season recruit from Elsternwick Had been their captain in 1912. Didn't get a game, then rejoined Melbourne in the 1914 pre-season. Also played cricket for St Kilda.
Nichols 1910 Pre-season player
J. O'Carroll 1913 Pre-season forward from CYMS Hawthorn. Possibly Joe O'Carroll
O'Kelly 1919 Pre-season forward from Xavier College
Oliver 1914 Pre-season wingman from Leopold
L. Park 1910 Pre-season player. Not Bert Parkes
Parratt 1910 Trained but did not play ex-Fitzroy
Patton 1912 Pre-season player from Rutherglen
Payne 1914 Pre-season follower from Everleigh
Potts 1913 Pre-season forward from Western Australia
Rademacher 1912 Pre-season half back from Leopold. Almost certainly Arthur Rademacher.
Rickards 1910 Pre-season player
Roberts 1910 Pre-season player
Ross 1911 Played against Wagga
CN Schafer 1914-1915 Pre-season from Hawthorn in 1914 and 1915. Wore #30. Off the team list by Round 7
H. Schraeder 1919 Back and follower from University. Also a captain in WW1.
Schuncke 1909 From Carlton Juniors. Joined Carlton in 1910.
Smith 1910
"Pop" Smith 1912 Pre-season half-forward or centre from Richmond District
Spears 1914 Pre-season follower/forward from Rutherglen
Sumner 1912 Pre-season player - half-back from Collingwood District
R. Sutcliffe 1914 Pre-season follower from Haileybury College
Taylor 1914 Pre-season follower from Brighton. Possibly Harold Taylor
Thompson/Thomson 1910 From Oakleigh. Pre-season defender.
C. Walker 1914 1912 pre-season player. Possibly George Walker.
Warrington 1919 Likely a misspelling of Boddington
Weeks 1910 Centreman/follower from Rowntree
Werner 1910 Pre-season player from Port Railways
West 1911 Pre-season half-back from California Gully
Wheatley 1910 Pre-season player from Fitzroy Juniors


A. Aitken 1923 Juniors
H. Alberry 1925 From Caulfield in May 1925 and a seconds player. Incorrectly spelt Albert in some sources.
Alexander 1920 Seconds player
Alford 1923 Pre-season player who was leading goalkicker in his Gippsland district in 1922
A. Allen 1923 Juniors
G. Almond 1920 From Shepparton
Andersen/Anderson 1925 Training list player
Anderson 1921Seconds
C. Anderson 1927 To Brighton. Possibly this player
J. Anthony 1923 Pre-season player from Tasmania
S. Anthony 1920 Pre-season rover
J. Archer 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Arren 1928 Seconds
Arthur 1924 Seconds
Atkins 1922 Pre-season defender
R. Atkins 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Atkins 1924 Seconds. Probably same as R. Atkins.
Atkins 1926 Seconds player. Probably same as R. Atkins and Atkins 1924
Atkinson 1924 Seconds
WR Banks 1927-29 Seconds player who applied for a clearance to Brighton in 1928. Cleared to Prahran in 1930. This Banks, probably not Jack Banks
E. Barker 1926 From Collingwood. Possibly Fred Barker or a misspelling of Edward Baker. Possibly the F. Barker who went to Hawthorn in April 1927
F. Barker 1926 Possibly the same as E. Barker. To Hawthorn in April 1927. Probably not Fred Barker.
Barlow 1922 Pre-season wingman
Bates 1921 Pre-season defender from Healesville
GL Baxer 1925 From Prahran. Possibly Ray Baxter
T. Beamish 1928 Follower from Alphington. Wore #22. Photo uploaded.
Beckwith 1924 From Lang Lang
V. Bell 1922 Possibly Frank Bell
Ball/Bell 1923 Pre-season defender
Beardsley 1922 Juniors player
F. Bissett 1923 Juniors
RV Bennetts 1929 From Jeparit before Round 12
Bousie 1922 Seconds player
Bowen 1923 Practice Matches
Bowman 1928 Seconds
J. Bowtell 1927-28 From Armadale. Seconds player. To Prahran in 1929. VFA Project profile
Brake 1925 Training list player
C. Bright 1926 Pre-season half back from Brunswick
Britt 1925 Training list player from Windsor Fire Station or Williamstown. Almost certainly Gerry Britt
Brown 1922 Juniors player
Bruce 1923 Seconds
Bruce 1928 Seconds half-back cleared to Prahran in 1929.
Brumby 1920-1921Seconds
DG Bryan 1920 Probably not Claude Bryan
R. Buckway 1921 pre-season centre/forward from Maryborough
Burns 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
P. Burke 1922 To Ballarat in April 1923
Burnstihle 1926 Pre-season rover from Leopold
Burt 1925
Call 1922 Pre-season defender
Calleson 1922 Pre-season player
C. Cameron 1925-26 Seconds. Forward from Orbost.
Campbell 1921 Pre-season forward
Campbell 1923 Pre-season and Juniors forward.
J. Cannon 1924-1925 Seconds centre half-back. Injured ankle in Round 1, 1925
O. Carr 1929Seconds. Not Clem Carr
Carroll 1928 Pre-season centre half-forward from the public service
Carter 1923 [https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/243797021Pre-season] player from Oakleigh. Brother of Wally Carter
Carter 1924 Pre-season ruck-rover from Ulverstone
F. Cayley 1929 From Moorabbin. Seconds.
Chalmers 1921 Juniors player
Chandler 1926-27 Pre-season player in 1927. Seconds in 1926.
C. Chisholm 1923 Juniors
Chrystal 1921Seconds
TA Clarke 1929 To Hawthorn in June
Clements 1923 Practice match defender
Clements 1924 Pre-season rover from Ferntree Gully
Cochrane 1922 Seconds
Cochrane 1929 Pre-season forward from Chelsea who kicked more than 100 goals the previous year
Coe 1928 Seconds
M. Collins 1924 Seconds
Colliver 1927 Pre-season half back from Rushworth.
Comber 1921 Pre-season Seconds player from Port Melbourne. Probably Mick Comber
Colter 1924 Pre-season player from Charlton
PJ Condon 1929-30 Follower/forward from South Yarra Juniors. Also shown as from Gippsland. Signed in July 1929. To South Melbourne in 1930.
Connor 1926 Seconds player
Conroy 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
C. Coomber 1926 Cleared to the Seconds from Werribee
Cornish 1929 Pre-season half back
Coulter x2 1922 Pre-season defender. Possibly Bill Coulter. Two players with the same surname trained.
Cowden 1925 Pre-season winger
Crowle 1920Seconds
Coyne 1923 Prfactice Match defender
Crawford 1928 Pre-season player
E. Croft 1929 To Northcote before Round 5
Cronen 1926 Seconds
JC Dennis 1927-28 Former Sandringham captain and half forward. Cleared to Nullawil before Round 4 1928
W. Dillon 1925-1926 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. To Camberwell in April 1927. VFA Project profile
Douglas 1924 Pre-season player. Wing/half-forward from the Juniors
J. Drake 1923-1925 Juniors/Seconds ruckman
Drew 1929 Pre-season forward from Williamstown. Either Con or Leo
TH Druie 1926 From Maryborough.Rover
Drummond 1926 Pre-season forward
Deuer 1927 Pre-season player from Lilydale. Also shown as Geuer
V. Dunan/Dunin/Dunnin/Dunwin/Dunim 1925-1927 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Pre-season player in 1927 and 1928
T. Durie 1926 Rover from Maryborough before R3 1926, to Coburg before R10 1926. VFA Project profile
Eady 1924-1925 Seconds
Eddy 1924 Backman from Melbourne Swimming Club. Probably the same as Eady.
Eakins 1926 Pre-season follower from Canterbury
S Edgar 1929 From NSW before Round 8
Egan 1924 Pre-season rover from Kooweerup
Elder/Eider 1923 Pre-season wingman
Elliott 1925 Training list player
W. Evans 1925 From Hawthorn
Fagan 1928 Pre-season follower from Murrumbeena
Findley 1928 Seconds
Finlayson 1926 Pre-season player
Forness 1920Seconds
Forness 1921, 1924 Seconds. One of the Forness' was a rover.
H. Forness 1923-1926 Juniors in 1923. To Camberwell in April 1927
N. Forness 1925 Seconds
Finlay 1928 Half forward. Also shown as Findlay in some sources.
Fraser 1923 Pre-season full back
Frazier 1924 Pre-season player from Albury
Fulling 1921, 1923-1924 Seconds backman
Furlong 1923 Practice matches. Half-back. Possibly Phil Furlong
Gaby 1924 Seconds player
Gall 1922 Pre-season follower from Euroa
Gardiner 1923 Pre-season forward
Geddes 1921 Juniors player, cleared to Williamstown in May 1922
Geuer 1927 Pre-season player
Gilder 1920 Seconds player
Gilder 1927 Pre-season player
W. Gillam 1921 Pre-season all-rounder from Mooroopna. Also shown as from Murchison
Glenister 1922 Juniors player who joined Williamstown in 1923
W. Godfrey 1923 Juniors
Goding 1932 Pre-season winger from Oakleigh. Probably Fred Goding
AE, EA or C. Gosstray/Gostray 1925 From Diamond Creek. Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Also listed as being from "the tramways". Defender
Goldsworthy 1929 Tall forward from South Ballarat, recruited mid-season
Gracie 1929 Pre-season forward from South Yarra
JC Greening 1925 Cleared to Prahran. Possibly the same as JJ Greening. VFA Project profile
JJ Greening 1924 Winger from Charlton. Seconds player.
T. Greenwood 1923-24 Juniors
Gregory 1929 Pre-season half-back/forward from Murrumbeena
R. Griff/Grigg 1921 From Maldon or Malvern. Also shown as 'Gregg'.
Gurney 1924 Pre-season defender from Gawler
Hancock 1924 Player
Hannon 1927 Played practice matches. From South Yarra.
D. Harker 1920 From an 'unalloted district'
Hales 1920Seconds
F. Hall 1926 Pre-season rover from Ballarat
JJ Hall 1921 From an 'unalloted district'
Hall 1928 Pre-season Naval Depot half-back
N. Hardiman 1928 To St Kilda before Round 4
Harris 1929 Pre-season half-forward from Dookie
A.E Hart 1929-1930 From Port Melbourne. Originally cleared in July 1929. Centreman. VFA Project profile
Hartley 1921 Pre-season forward
Hazel/Hazzell 1925 Seconds player
NG Heinke 1929 From Bruthen before Round 3. To Camberwell before Round 4. VFA Project profile
WJ Herton 1928 Seconds. From Prahran.
Hill 1926 Pre-season defender from Warburton
Holmes 1921Seconds
F. Holmes 1926 Pre-season winger from Seymour
Hore 1928 Half-back from Bentleigh. Possibly the same as Horton.
WJ Horton 1928 Seconds from Prahran. VFA Project profile
W. House 1929 From Dookie before Round 5
Howell 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
Howey 1927 Pre-season player from Port Melbourne Juniors. May be this Howey
Hutchison/Hutchison 1921Seconds winger. Also in 1922 pre-season
Hutchinson 1923 Juniors
Jack 1922 Pre-season player from South Yarra
Jackson 1924 Seconds
James 1927-1928 Ruckman who played Juniors then pre-season in 1928
Jeffrey 1921 Seconds
Jeffers 1924 From Lang Lang
Johnston 1922 Pre-season defender
Johnson 1928 Seconds
Jones 1926-1927 Seconds player. Probably either C or T. Jones
Jones 1928 Seconds. Probably T. Jones from 1929
H. Jones 1921 Pre-season rover from Albury
T. Jones 1929 Probably the Jones who played seconds in 1928
Joss 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
J. Kavanagh 1920 Pre-season centre/rover from Terang
G. Keady 1921 Pre-season all-rounder from Mooroopna
JA Kearney 1920 Pre-season half back from Elsternwick
R. Kelly 1929 From an unallotted area. To Hawthorn in June
R. Kennedy 1929 From Old Xavs
S. Kennedy 1920 Seconds player who broke his leg in a game in June
Kennedy 1929 Second player from Warrnambool. Also appeared in 1930 pre-season.
Kidd 1928 Pre-season forward from Alexandra
Knipp 1921Seconds
AE Keyhoe 1929-1930 Cleared from from Port Melbourne in June 1929 after playing seconds.Seconds also in 1930. To Port Melbourne in May 1930. VFA Project profile. Also shown as 'Keogh'
Kercheval 1926Pre-season forward from Warburton. Likely Ronald Kercheval.
Kyhoe 1927 Pre-season player from Preston. Possibly same as Keyhoe/Keogh.
J. Lake 1927 From Fitzroy. Maybe Jim Lake
King 1929 Pre-season wingman from Eaglehawk who played for Bendigo League against VFL in 1928
D. Lang 1921 From Wonthaggi in July
EV Langwell 1929 From Brunswick, and back to Brunswick before Round 9. VFA Project profile. Originally from Fitzroy Juniors.
Latham 1925 Training list player from Hawthorn/Oakleigh. Probably not Bill Latham
Lawrence 1926-1927 Seconds player from North Melbourne. Also shown as from South Melbourne Juniors
Layley 1929 Pre-season half-forward from Murrumbeena
W. Lee 1923-1924 Seconds - To Collingwood in June 1924
Lester 1923-1924 Pre-season defender in 1923 and seconds player in 1924. Possibly Fred Lester
Leston 1925 Training list player
Lloyd 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
Loch 1928 Pre-season follower
Loh 1921-1922 Juniors half back
London 1928-1929 Pre-season forward from Sandringham who was injured in 1928 trial games then returned again in 1929.
F. Luttrell 1928 Winger from South Yarra. Wore #36. Son of the curator of the MCG
Lyons 1921 Pre-season and seconds player. A policeman
Lyms 1926 Seconds player
Lyte 1923 Seconds. May have been a returning Bill Lyte.
MacFarlane 1927 Pre-season wingman from Scotch College/Old Scotch
MacLeod 1925 Seconds
Maguire 1923 Practice match forward
A. Mahon 1923 Juniors
L. Makeham 1924 From Woodleigh. Pre-season player and brother of a Collingwood player
Marshall 1922 Pre-season follower from Brunswick Juniors
Marr 1929 Seconds
P. Marshall 1926 Pre-season rover from South Yarra Juniors. Recommended by Dick Taylor
W. Martin 1921 Pre-season backman from Scotch College. Likely an Old Scotch player, but potentially a Charles Fredrick 'Billie' Martin who attended Scotch to 1915.
G. Matheson 1926 Pre-season forward from South Yarra. Recommended by Ivor Warne-Smith
Matthews 1923 Pre-season half back. May have been Herb Matthews
May 1921 Seconds
McCarthy 1922 Pre-season player from Monbulk
J. McColl 1924-1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
McComb/McCombe 1921Seconds
R. McDonald 1920-1922 Winger from Alphington. To Williamstown in June 1922
WA McDonald 1929 Pre-season half-back from Albury. Photo uploaded.
McDonald 1929 Seconds ruckman
McDougall 1929 Pre-season player from Sandringham. Probably Roy McDougall
McGregor 1924 Pre-season player and brother of an Adelaide champion
B. McGregor 1929 From St Kilda Seconds to MFC seconds
McInnes 1926-1927 Pre-season and seconds forward. Nephew of George Haines. Spelt McGuiness in some sources. 18-years-old in 1926. To Port Melbourne in 1928. Also spelt McInnes. Possibly Geoff McInnes
A. McLoughlin 1926 Pre-season rover from Benalla
M. McIsaac 1921 Pre-season follower from Mooroopna
McIver 1928 Seconds
L. McMahon 1926 From Ballarat Imperials. Required a clearance from Essendon. To Hawthorn in 1927. Seconds winger.
McRae 1928 Seconds
McRae 1929 Pre-season centre-half forward from Melbourne Grammar
R. Meade 1928 Seconds. Possibly a misspelling of L. Meade.
Meekin/Meeking 1923 Pre-season defender
McKinley 1923 Pre-season half-back from New South Wales who played against Victoria in 1922
McMeekin 1925 Pre-season forward from Kerang
Middleditch 1923 Pre-season Ballarat junior who kicked 52 goals for his club in 1922
J. Moody 1928 From Echuca
Monks 1924 Pre-Season player
More 1923 Juniors
More 1928 Seconds
E. Moore 1925 To Richmond in July 1925
Mullins 1923 Pre-season centreman
Murray 1928 Pre-season player from Bendigo. Possibly Wyn Murray.
Nelson 1923-24 Practice Matches https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/243786969 and Pre-Season player
W. Newsome 1920 Pre-season contender for a ruck position from Dandenong
KW Nicholson 1921 To Geelong in July 1921
G. Nylander 1926-28 From Ballarat. Cleared back to Ballarat before R1 1929
F. O'Brien 1925 Possibly the same as L. O'Brien from 1925. To Richmond before R1 1926. Probably Frank O'Brien.
O'Brien 1923 From St Kevins. Half-forward.
L. O'Brien 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Probably the 1926-27 O'Brien.
O'Brien 1926-1927 Seconds player. Also played midweek games with the Postal Employees. Probably the same as L. O'Brien. Not Tom O'Brien.
FH O'Callaghan 1925 First clearance refused. Newspaper says from North Melbourne, Football Record says from Essendon. Sporting Globe says from Oakleigh. Appeared on training list. May be more than one O'Callaghan.
O'Connell 1924 From Lang Lang
O'Connor 1926 Pre-season half forward from Fish Creek
O'Halloran 1929 Pre-season wingman From Wangaratta. Also shown as a ruck/defender.
O'Neill 1920 Half-back/centre who trained late in season. From Hastings.
Ockwell 1925 Training list player
Ohlen 1927 Pre-season player from Preston
Oldham 1923 Pre-season defender
Organ 1928 Former NSW state player. Defender
Pardy 1922 Pre-season half-forward flank
Parker 1923-1924 Seconds
Parker 1926 Junior player cleared to Geelong Association in 1927
A. Pearson 1923 Juniors
Pebarfald 1920Seconds
TA Pert 1928 Forward who wore #24. From Elsternwick. Also shown as Peart in some sources
FG Porter 1924 Follower From Ulverstone. Clearance initially refused a week earlier (Age 24/04/1924) because he hadn't completed 12 months in Victoria. Also centre half-forward.
FV Porter 1925 To St Kilda in June 1925.
HC/HE Proctor 1923-24 From Charlton. To Prahran in May 1924. VFA Project profile
Pulling 1921 Pre-season Seconds ruckman
Prunier 1922 Pre-season player. Possibly Bill Brunier
Rea 1929 Pre-season player
Reeves 1920-1921 Seconds player. Also shown as Reeves.
Rees 1925 Training list player
Rice 1928 Seconds
Richardson 1927 Half forward. Played practice matches. From Geelong Association or Geelong Juniors. Also shown as from Port Melbourne
Roberts 1929 Seconds
Robertson 1921Seconds
R Rooke 1926 From Tasmania
Rosbach 1921-1923 Played Juniors. Also shown as Rosback. Said to have 'returned' in early 1922. Ruckman.
R. Rourke 1926 Pre-season back from Tasmania
Russell 1920 Seconds player
J. Ryan 1923 Juniors
H. Salisbury 1926 Pre-season forward from Prahran Juniors
RD/WD Schrader/Shraeder 1928 From Hawthorn. To St Kilda Seconds in 1929
Schafer 1929 Seconds
W. Scott 1924 To Rutherglen in April 1925. Possibly Wally Scott
Scrithen 1925 Seconds
Sewell 1923 Pre-season defender
Shake 1920 Seconds player
Sharp 1928 Pre-season University half back.
Sharpley 1926 Pre-season forward from Flying School
H. Shekan 1927 From Wangaratta
Sheridan 1921 Seconds player from Brighton. Back to Brighton in July. VFA Project profile. Also shown as from Prahran District.
L. Shinkfield 1924-1926 Seconds backman who played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Silivia/Silveria 1928-29 Seconds
E. Simmonds 1929 Pre-season player from Murtoa
W. or H. Slatter 1923-24 Juniors in 1923 and 1924. Possibly two different people. 1924 version was a firefighter. Broke his kneecap in early-1924 but a Slatter plays Seconds in June.
Skater 1924 Player
P. Smith 1928 Seconds. To Prahran in 1929.
Smith 1924 From Lang Lang
G. Smith 1925 Pre-season half-back from Dimboola
South 1923 Practice matches
A. Southam 1921-1923 Juniors ruckman
Southern 1924 Seconds forward. Probably the same as A. Southam
Sprague 1922-23 Half-forward promoted from the MFC Juniors for 1923 pre-season. Possibly the same as J. Sprigg. Probably Jim Sprigg or Eric Sprague
Stanley 1928
Standish 1926 Pre-season player
F. Stanley 1926 To Dimboola in April 1927
Stokes 1924 Seconds player. Wingman
AJ Sullivan 1925 Seconds player from Port Melbourne. Probably not Jimmy Sullivan.
W. Sweeney 1923 Pre-season and Juniors
Tabart 1928 Seconds
Tate 1921 Pre-season Seconds player
Tatham 1926 Pre-season player
Taylor 1920-1921 Seconds player
K. Taylor 1923 WA athlete who transferred to Melbourne for work to try and qualify for an athletics carnival in London. From West Perth. Appeared in pre-season games. Also shown as W. Taylor
Taylor 1925 Training list player
Thomas 1921 Pre-season defender from Mitcham. Probably Ted Thomas - definitely not Enos Thomas
R. Thomas 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Thompson 1927 North Adelaide rover who trialed in the pre-season. Probably John Thompson.
P. Tierney 1920 Pre-season contender for a ruck spot from Northcote. VFA Project profile
Tory 1925 Training list player
Tucker 1921 Pre-season
Walker 1921 Pre-season defender. Possibly George Walker
Warren 1928-1929 Reserves player to Sandringham in 1930
S. Waterman 1929 From Brighton Vale
Waters 1937 Pre-season player
Watson 1921Seconds
Weaver 1923 Practice Matches
R. Webb 1923 Juniors
West 1926 Pre-season player from Mentone
Whalley 1929 Pre-season player from Williamstown
White 1922 Pre-season defender. Probably JL White
White 1923-1924 Broke his arm in 1923.
R. White 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
V. Whiteley/Whitlely 1929Seconds wing
T. Whitfield 1923 Juniors
SG Wigg 1928 To St Kilda before R1 1929
Wilkins 1926 Pre-season forward from Williamstownn - injured an ankle in a trial game VFA Project profile
F. Willett 1921 pre-season player from Ararat
Williams 1923 Pre-season forward
Wilson 1920 Seconds player
C. Wilson 1921 Pre-season follower from Brighton. Possibly Clarrie Wilson
E. Wilson 1923 Pre-season forward/wingman
Wise 1924 Seconds player and defender from Ballarat.
Woodman 1924 From Rosedale
Woods 1920Seconds
Woods 1921 Pre-season defender from Caulfield
RS Woodhouse 1928 Wore #34. Pre-season half-forward from Mentone who appeared in seconds games. To Eaglehawk in 1929, then St Kilda in 1930. Also shown as P 'Woolhouse'
Wright 1923 Pre-season defender. May have been M or W Wright from 1925.
Young 1928 Seconds. Possibly the same as C. Young from 1925 or the Young from 1930. Possibly Charles Young
CE Young 1925 From an unallotted districted. Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Possibly Charles Young

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