Secretary - RH McLeod
Assistant Secretary - James Kelly
Captain - Eddie Fox
Vice-Captain - George Hallett
Committee - Eddie Fox, A. Hunt, H. McLean, R. Kelly, George Hallett

1891 was the wettest season on record, with rain on 13 of 20 Saturdays as well as wet conditions on four others from overnight rains.

With the MCC having had to step in and take the club over due to their perilous financial position at the end of 1889, one of the moves to save money was the disbanding of the second twenty at the conclusion of the 1890 season. The club missed out on return matches against Carlton, South Melbourne, Fitzroy and Geelong after the VFA stepped in and cancelled the games to help balance the competition fixture.

In July a player was suspended for a month for throwing the ball at an umpire and hitting him.

Rule changes included reverting to two yards for 'little marks', and not granting any permits after 1 June. To decrease boundary play it was decided to bring the ball five yards inside the line and bounce it instead of throwing the ball in.

The Second 20 effectively folded, not playing any games from June onwards.

VFA season

May 9 Williamstown DRAW
May 16 Essendon LOSS
May 23 Carlton LOSS
May 25 Richmond WIN
May 30 South Melbourne LOSS
June 6 St Kilda WIN
June 20 Essendon LOSS
June 27 Fitzroy DRAW
July 4 North Melbourne WIN
July 25 Richmond WIN
August 1 Port Melbourne WIN
August 8 Geelong WIN
August 15 Port Melbourne WIN
August 22 South Melbourne WIN
August 29 Fitzroy DRAW
September 5 North Melbourne DRAW
September 12 Carlton DRAW
September 19 St Kilda LOSS
September 26 Williamstown LOSS

Other Matches

18 April Albion WIN
25 April Public Schools WIN
2 May Ballarat WIN
7 May University ?
18 May Associated Banks WIN
13 June South Melbourne LOSS
8 July Castlemaine WIN
11 July Ballarat WIN
15 July Maryborough WIN
18 July South Ballarat WIN


1st Essendon 1721
2nd Carlton 1434
3rd Fitzroy 1225
4th South Melbourne 1417
5th Geelong 1207
6th Melbourne 856
7th St. Kilda 8111
8th North Melbourne 389
9th Williamstown 4311
10th Footscray 4113
11th Port Melbourne 3313
12th Richmond 2314


William Aitken, J. Benson, David Christy, Arthur Connelly, Ferrier, Eddie Fox, Herbert Fry, Robert Gibson, Ed Griffith, Hall, George Hallett, H. Harper, Alf Healing, Ernest Howes, Jones, Richard Kelly, Leslie, Austin Lewis, Lew Massey, Alex McKenzie, G. McLeod, Jim McRaile, Miller, Moore, D. Moyes, Murphy, P. O'Loughlin, Alexander Salton, William Sharp, Fred Sheahan, George Slattery, William Smith, Eddie Toms, Joe Wilson, John Wiseman


W. Smith - 35, D. Christy 9, E. Griffith 6, R. Kelly 6, J. Wiseman 6, J. Benson 5, J. Wilson 4, W Aitken 3, A. McKenzie 3, Ferrier 2, P. O'Loughlin 2, W. Sharp 2, A. Connelly 1, A. Lewis 1, Miller 1, A. Salton 1, F. Sheahan 1

Australasian - 08/11/1890
Australasian - 11/04/1891
Melbourne Punch - 14/04/1892
Australasian - 30/05/1891
Sydney Mail - 11/07/1891
Sydney Mail - 04/07/1891
Football Record R3 1962

VFA Results and Tables

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