Melbourne players who played in the Western Australian state competition before or after their VFL/AFL career ended. Does not include games played while on the West Coast or Fremantle senior list.

This is an incomplete list, and some players may not have played senior matches for the club listed before being drafted.


Dick Atkinson (Captain/Coach)
Les Bamblett
Tony Bizzaca
Arnold Byfield
Nathan Carroll
Jack Compton
Jim Durnan
Michael Evans
Phil Gilbert
Darren Kowal
Heritier Lumumba
Laurie Mithen
Cale Morton
Alistair Nicholson
Jason Norrish
Peter Thorne

East Fremantle

Darren Bennett
Mark Bradly
Mitch Clark
Jeff Farmer
Damien Gaspar
Eric Glass
Chris Johnson
Les Jones
Phil Read
Scott Simister
Shane Woewodin (also as coach)

East Perth

Michael Clark
Paul Johnson
Marcus Seecamp
Peter Thorne
Hedley Tomkins (also as coach)

North Fremantle

Fred Elliott

Peel Thunder

Phil Gilbert
Jeff Hilton
Scott Simister


Steven Armstrong
Tony Campbell
Len Gandini
Ray Holden
Alan Johnson
Dean Kent
Cale Morton
Mick Rea
Earl Spalding (also as coach)
Steve Turner

South Fremantle

Bill Adams
Bert Chandler
Wayne Delmenico
Fabian Francis
Damien Gaspar
Wayne Henwood
Dean Irving
Mark Jackson
Allen Jakovich
Ray Jones
Ben Newton
Graham Scott
James Sellar


Bruce Campbell
Warren Dean
Daniel Hughes
Bret Hutchinson
Dean Irving
Stan Penberthy
Phil Read

Swan Districts

Maurie Bartlett
Jamie Bennell
Len Gandini
Neville Jetta
Ralph Latham
George Margitich (coach)
Steve Turner (coach)

West Perth

Kevin Clarke
Jim Durnan
Shane Fitzsimmons
Jack Heal
Stan Heal
Ray Holden
Troy Longmuir
Ray Niven
Darren O'Brien
Craig Smoker
Craig Turley
Barney Wood

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