Coach: Neale Daniher
Captain: David Neitz
Finishing Position: 11th
Best and Fairest: Adem Yze
Leading Goalkicker: Russell Robertson (42)
Best First Year Player: Scott Thompson
Major Sponsor: LG Electronics
Members: 22,940

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest VFL

Despite being Grand Finalists just months before, the year started badly for the club when in January it was announced that the state government was banning pokie licences in several council areas. The Demons had invested $2.5 million in a Fawkner social club which was then banned from having pokies as part of the City of Darebin. The club were forced to write off losses of nearly $750,000 from the experience.

David Neitz remained captain, assisted by Vice-Captain Shane Woewodin who was promoted to replace David Schwarz in March. Jeff White and Andrew Leoncelli were deputy vice captains.

Pre-season camp, and an intra-club game, was held in Canberra with the squad spending a week at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Age journalist Rohan Connolly predicted the Demons would finish 5th, while his Herald Sun counterpart Mike Sheahan had Melbourne in 6th. While both predicted that the 2000 runners-up would slide down the ladder in 2001, neither would be close to predicting the sort of fall that Melbourne suffered.

Injuries to Stephen Powell, Jeff White, Andrew Leoncelli, Shane Woewodin and Guy Rigoni robbed the Demons of the much of the midfield who had been so strong as they qualified for the Grand Final the year before.

Off-field instability didn't help Melbourne's cause eithr. President Joseph Gutnick went to war with the AFL after they threatened him with a $20,000 fine for commenting on the racial vilification case between David Schwarz and Justin Murphy after the round 3 match against Geelong. Gutnick was also forced to deny that former number one ticketholder Ron Walker was set to launch a challenge against his presidency.

In May he resigned after he was denied an injunction against a board meeting that was set to sack him. Gabriel Szondy took over as president. The eventual board elections which saw Gutnick's ticket lose control of the board, and Szondy re-elected as president, was played out against the backdrop of a short-term cashflow problem which forced the club to borrow $250,000 from director Peter Hayes. Gutnick failed to stump up the last $300,000 of his promised $3m cash injection to the club.

The election was held on 18 December, and there was a turnout of approximately 75%. Initial polling by Channel 7 and the Herald Sun indicated that a vast majority of Melbourne members would relect Gutnick, but a week before Christmas it was Szondy and the "Team Vision" ticket which comprehensively defeated the Joseph Gutnick led "Melbourne First" with almost 65% of the vote.

Elected Directors

Robert Flower Team Vision 10,529
Gary Hardeman Team Vision 6,834
Peter Hayes Team Vision 6,804
Beverley O'Connor Team Vision 6,799
Stephen Bickford Team Vision 6,694
Gabriel Szondy Team Vision 6,684
Peter Dohrmann Team Vision 6,597
Robert Jamieson Team Vision 6,560
Paul Gardner Team Vision6,550
Craig Perrett Team Vision 6,524

Unsuccessful Candidates

Joseph Gutnick Melbourne First 4,235
Michael Givoni Melbourne First 4,150
Greg Sword Melbourne First 4,127
Sally Dimmick Melbourne First 4,121
Fiona McNabb Melbourne First 4,087
Warren Stooke Melbourne First 4,028
John Fowler Melbourne First 4,024
Allen Dewhirst Melbourne First 4,021
Philip Eddy Melbourne First 3,999

Ansett Australia Cup

1 Fremantle WIN98-57
2 Richmond LOSS65-97
3 HawthornLOSS43-143

Ansett Cup Group 4 Ladder


Practice Matches

Essendon WIN122-90
Collingwood WIN105-87

Premiership Season

1 Richmond LOSS103-134
2 AdelaideWIN83-80
3 GeelongWIN124-104
4 HawthornLOSS44-83
5 SydneyWIN119-104
6 FremantleWIN119-74
7 Western BulldogsLOSS77-107
8 EssendonLOSS79-85
9 Port AdelaideLOSS68-88
10 St. KildaWIN144-113
11 CollingwoodLOSS57-134
12 Brisbane LionsLOSS99-148
13 West CoastLOSS88-95
14 KangaroosLOSS93-121
15 CarltonWIN117-111
16 RichmondLOSS86-127
17 AdelaideLOSS84-100
18 GeelongWIN103-100
19 HawthornLOSS71-156
20 SydneyWIN131-98
21 FremantleWIN114-79
22 Western BulldogsWIN133-123


Port Adelaide1606128.964
Western Bulldogs1001293.840
West Coast501765.920
St. Kilda401872.616

Playing List

4 Brent Grgic 14 0
5 David Schwarz 2121
6 Scott Thompson 92
8 Alistair Nicholson 221
9 David Neitz 2238
10 Daniel Ward 2210
11 Troy Simmonds 132
13 Adem Yze 2224
14 Steven Pitt 20
15 Ross Funcke 51
16 Travis Johnstone 51
18 Brad Green 2137
19 Ben Beams 54
20 Troy Broadbridge 122
21 Steven Febey 207
22 Shane Woewodin 207
23 James McDonald 153
24 Russell Robertson 2242
25 Nathan Brown 196
26 Luke Williams 94
27 Anthony Ingerson 100
28 Matthew Collins 91
29 Chris Lamb 30
30 Simon Godfrey 122
31 Paul Wheatley 165
32 Cameron Bruce 2231
33 Jeff Farmer 1433
34 Jeff White 213
35 Anthony McDonald 206
36 Andrew Leoncelli 1811
41 Darren Jolly 40
42 Peter Walsh 164
43 Guy Rigoni 103
45 Matthew Whelan 91

Best and Fairest

Five members of the match committee select the best five players each week and rate them out of 10.

1st Adem Yze 331
2nd David Neitz 228
3rd David Schwarz 210
4th Steven Febey 187
5th Daniel Ward 138
6th Jeff White 137
7th Russell Robertson 122
8th Andrew Leoncelli 119
9th Cameron Bruce 118
10th Peter Walsh 112
11th Alistair Nicholson 107
12th Shane Woewodin 102
13th Nathan Brown 101
14th Matthew Whelan 87
15th James McDonald 79
16th Anthony McDonald 70
17th Ross Funcke 60
18th Jeff Farmer 58
19th Paul Wheatley 56
20th Simon Godfrey 45
21st Brent Grgic 33
22nd Brad Green 32
23rd Matthew Collins 31
24th Luke Williams 26
25th Travis Johnstone 25
26th Scott Thompson 20
27th Troy Simmonds 12
28th Troy Broadbridge 5
29th Anthony Ingerson 3

Other Awards
Best Team Player - David Neitz
Most Consistent - Adem Yze
Most Improved - Troy Broadbridge
Best Clubman and Award for Services to Marketing & Administration - Russell Robertson


Ansett Cup Match 1 Jeff Farmer Charging 2 weeks
Practice Match Brent Grgic Abusive Language $1200 fine
Round 3 Daniel Ward Abusive language Withdrawn
Round 7 David Schwarz Striking Withdrawn
Round 9 James McDonald Wrestling $1200 fine
Round 13 David Neitz Wrestling $3000 fine
Round 18 Adem Yze Charging Not Guilty
Round 22 David Neitz Wrestling Withdrawn
Round 22 David Neitz Wrestling $5000 fine
Round 22 David Neitz Striking Not Guilty

Coaching Staff

Chris Fagan - Assistant Coach
Brian Royal - Assistant Coach
Peter Banfield - Assistant Coach
Graeme Yeats - Assistant Coach/Sandringham coach
Jim Stynes - Ruck Coach


Sandringham Zebras 2001 season

Herald Sun - 07/03/2001
Herald Sun - 27/04/2001

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