Round 6 1979

Round 6, 1979
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 12 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 21,773

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 23 points

Goalkickers: Phil Carman 3, Robert Elliott 3, Andrew Moir 3, Kelly O'Donnell 3, Greg Wells 2, Michael Byrne 1, Glenn Elliott 1, Robert Flower 1, Gerard Healy 1, Robert Walters 1, Don Whitford 1, Maurice Wingate 1


Such was the number of inexperienced players they fielded, the Melbourne committee passed a briefing sheet around the press boxes before the match.

It's no surprise that with so many young players the Demons were unable to capitalise on their opportunties in a shootout with the Lions. They were 19 points clear in the second term and 16 in the third term but both times failed to capitalise. They should have been ahead at half time but consistently kicked poorly for goal.

The Demons found it difficult to get a consistant avenue to goal, hence the large amount of scorers, while at the other end the Roys had Bob Beecroft on his way to 8. He got four in the first quarter alone and dominated Bruce Elliott. Shane Grambeau was moved onto him but he added another four.

Four goals in the first seven minutes of the third opened the lead up to 16 points but from then on it was almost all Fitzroy. Phil Carman bobbed up for a goal in the last quarter to briefly wrest the lead back but the momentum was with the Lions.

After the match Ditterich was pragmatic, he said "Only a fool doesn't learn from his mistakes. I'd hate to think I have fools around me".

The score broke the record for Fitzroy's highest against the Demons for the second consecutive match between the sides. The next time they met it wouldn't be just the club record score that fell...

Fitzroy 24.10 d. Melbourne 14.17
Goals - Thorne 4, Flower 2, Maynard 2, Biffin 1, Durnan 1, Gull 1, Kelly 1, McCormack 1, Woodman 1
Best - Woodman, Giles, Kelly

Under 19s
Fitzroy 14.15.99 d. Melbourne 10.7.67
Goals - Walters 3, Elshaug 2, Hope 2, Bardoel 1, Juliff 1, Moncrieff 1
Best - Bickford, O'Brien, Parish

Highest losing scores

Age - 14/05/1979
Football Record R7 1979

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