Captain - Coach: Bert Chadwick
Finishing Position: 3rd
Best and Fairest: n/a
Leading Goalkicker: Harry Davie (56)
Best First Year Player: n/a
Members: 1171

Matches Ladder Playing List Seconds


The league expanded for the first time since 1908, with Hawthorn, Footscray and North Melbourne joining from the competition from the VFA. With recruiting zones affected by the new teams, Melbourne was given a temporary new zone of the Lonsdale, Latrobe, Gipps and Albert Wards of the City of Melbourne, as well as the City of Prahran.

Before the season started a group of fans made a proposal to seek an alteration to MCC rules that would make the football club governed by its own president, vice-presidents and committee instead of just a committee of five elected at the annual meeting. The proposal was put to a meeting of the MCC but not adopted when the movers couldn't raise the required three-fourths majority of members present.

On Saturday 18 April, an intra-club game was played between the Melbourne seniors and juniors.

The league was forced to abolish the boundary throw in, handing a free kick to the opposition of the side to last touch the ball before it went out of play. The decision was made by the Australasian Football Council which set the rules for the national game. Another rule change mandated that only one man could stand on the mark at any time.

After Melbourne's Round 12 victory over St Kilda the Seasiders put in a protest that they should have been awarded the points as Gerry Donnelly wasn't eligible to play for the Redlegs. The VFL dismissed the protest but made Donnelly move to North Melbourne who he was residentially tied to.

In gratitude for the team making the finals the MCC paid each player a five pound bonus. Melbourne won their first final, but were crippled by the loss of a number of players to injury and were defeated in the Preliminary Final.

Secretary Andrew Manzie was chosen as the VFL's delegate to the AFC. Bill McClelland and Manzie were Melbourne's delegates to the VFL.

Premiership Season

1 St. KildaWIN73-26
2 CollingwoodLOSS54-71
3 CarltonWIN84-38
4 FootscrayWIN70-42
5 North MelbourneWIN85-65
6 RichmondDRAW70-70
7 FitzroyWIN83-45
8 South MelbourneWIN100-54
9 GeelongLOSS75-99
10 EssendonWIN55-38
11 HawthornWIN102-46
12 St. KildaWIN70-51
13 CollingwoodLOSS52-65
14 CarltonWIN122-45
15 FootscrayWIN69-67
16 North MelbourneLOSS46-73
17 RichmondWIN63-24
SF GeelongWIN101-86
PF CollingwoodLOSS26-63


St. Kilda80999.632
South Melbourne601185.724
North Melbourne501275.220

Playing List

1 Stan Wittman 1922
2 Clarrie Wyatt 10
3 Ted Thomas 150
5 Gerry Donnelly 124
6 Ted Parker 10
7 Frank Jorgensen 101
8 Charlie Lilley 60
9 Charlie Streeter 170
10 Jack Collins 190
11 Carlyle Jones 12
12 Bob Corbett 192
14 Ivor Warne-Smith 187
15 George Haines 195
16 Derek Mollison 199
17 Bert Chadwick 181
18 Percy Tulloh 712
19 Harry Coy 190
20 Alf Wilson 30
20 Bill Shelton 41
21 Bobby Ewer 10
22 Harry Moyes 1226
23 Frank Richardson 20
24 Harry Davie 1956
25 Jimmy Sullivan 60
26 Max Wright 10
26 Bill Tymms 21
28 Hugh Dunbar 194
29 Jimmy Davidson 137
31 Col Deane 1621
33 Jack Cannan 58
35 Richard Taylor 195

Most Consistent - Bob Corbett


1925 Seconds season

Collingwood 64
South Melbourne 52
Fitzroy 52
Carlton 52
St Kilda28
North Melbourne16

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Richmond Guardian - 24/01/1925
Argus - 29/01/1925
Herald - 17/04/1925
Herald - 24/04/1925
Argus - 27/04/1925
Sun - 22/09/1925
Argus - 04/03/1926

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