Round 5 1985

Round 5, 1985
Melbourne vs Carlton
Thursday 25 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 53,065

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 29 points

Goalkickers: Rod Grinter 5, Brian Wilson 4, Adrian Battiston 3, Darryl Cox 2, Bret Bailey 1, Michael O'Sullivan 1, Russell Richards 1, Mark Withers 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Robin White
2 - Russell Richards

First Game
Stephen Newport

Ron Barassi attempted mind-games when he declared war on the Blues during a midweek television appearance, referring to a pre-match brawl between Carlton and the week before Barassi said "they'll wonder what hit them".

The day started dramatically in the Carlton dressing room. Already having four players suffering through illness, Wayne Johnston collapsed in the dressing room, and was replaced by Ian Muller who had to wear #60 instead of his usual #29.

It was a win for the depth players. Already missing Flower, Jarrott and Moore, Alan Johnson and Greg Healy were also down on form. Fringe players like Robin White, Darryl Cox, Danny Hughes and Rod Grinter were forced to step up in their absence, and carried their side to an important win.

Hughes was forced into the ruck in the absence of Moore, and did a creditable job against Carlton giant Justin Madden. Hughes was forced into the ruck in the absence of Moore, and did a creditable job against Carlton giant Justin Madden. When asked about Hughes’ chances of taking on other big ruckman, his coach said: “When a guy’s got a heart as big as that, he won’t be ashamed of any contest”.

Melbourne held a narrow lead at half time, but blew the Blues away with a 9.6 to 4.5 third quarter to take control.

The undermanned Carlton lacked firepower to compete with another four goals from Brian Wilson, as well as five from Rod Grinter in his third game. Carlton coach David Parkin described the opposition as "more fanatical", while Barassi wound back some of his rhetoric about physicality by warning "We are a bit bigger and stronger than last year, but we are not really a strong side. Don't start saying we're aggressive".

Best were White, Hughes and Grinter. Stephen Newport made his debut as a late inclusion for Alan Jarrott, who had a groin complaint.

Carlton 19.15.129 d. Melbourne 8.11.59
Goals - Mathews 2, Cordner 1, Dickson 1, McLean 1, Tanner 1, Williams 1, Yeats 1
Best - Tanner, McLean, Yeats

Under 19s
Carlton 15.17.107 d. Melbourne 14.11.95
Goals - G. Marra 6, Hannant 2, Lawrence 2, Edwards 2, Lane 1, Chant 1
Best - Lyon, G. Marra, O'Dwyer

Canberra Times - 25/04/1985
Age - 26/04/1985
Football Record R6 1985

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