Coach: Ron Barassi
Captain: Robert Flower
Finishing Position: 9th
Best and Fairest: Gerard Healy
Leading Goalkicker: Kelvin Templeton (51)
Best First Year Player: Graeme Yeats
Members: 6297
Major Sponsor: Mayne Nickless/Hertz (Joint)

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest Reserves Under 19's

Image In a year when the first rumblings of a breakaway national competition were led by Carlton President John Elliott, the Demons finally gave their fans some hope that a return to the finals was just around the corner.

Ron Barassi started his fourth year as coach of the Demons knowing that time was ticking on the five year plan he'd declared when he joined the club. His side had got to within a whisker of the finals the year before until a horror last month of the season saw them play, and lose to, all top four sides on the ladder. Thrashings suffered at the hands of Fitzroy and Hawthorn during those four weeks showed just how far they were behind the leading pack.

The Under 19's had won a premiership though, their second of the decade, and with young players coming through there was still some light at the end of the tunnel for the Demons.

Off-field Hertz replaced Mayne Nickless as major sponsor, paying more than $100,000 with further incentives for top five football. Hertz was a subsidiary of Mayne Nickless and it was a corporate decision to put their name on the jumper. Between Round 1 and Round 2 the VFL swapped rounds 20 and 22 due to an issue with a Hawthorn vs Sydney game proposed for the last round.

Despite Peter Moore's second Brownlow Medal the Demons suffered another second half fadeout to miss the finals. Six wins in a row between Round 8 and 13 had them inside the five, and as late as Round 18 they were only a game outside but six losses in the last seven rounds saw them finish a place lower than the previous season. Moore's Brownlow came in the first count where the votes were read on a game by game basis. Despite criticism from Barassi at the end of the season Robert Flower was five votes adrift in third.

The reserves continued the good work of the Under 19's, who had won two premierships already in the 80's, when they won the premiership. Melbourne's Little League side were the joint winners of the competition along with Hawthorn.

The club made a profit of $4,329 but were forced to issue a statement in October confirming that Barassi would continue to coach. Speculation had been that he the vacant Swans coaching job was his if he wanted it but Melbourne stood firm on keeping their man. Sydney had also had a crack at Ray Jordon but were unable to prise him away as he had a contract.

Practice Matches

Sydney LOSS
Footscray WIN
North Melbourne WIN

Stirling Cup

1 Sturt WIN
2 Carlton LOSS

Premiership Season

1 CollingwoodLOSS
2 SydneyLOSS
3 HawthornLOSS
4 EssendonLOSS
5 North MelbourneLOSS
6 GeelongWIN
7 CarltonLOSS
8 FitzroyWIN
9 FootscrayWIN
10 RichmondWIN
11 St. KildaWIN
12 SydneyWIN
13 HawthornWIN
14 EssendonLOSS
15 North MelbourneWIN
16 GeelongLOSS
17 CarltonLOSS
18 FitzroyLOSS
19 FootscrayLOSS
20 CollingwoodLOSS
21 St. KildaWIN
22 RichmondLOSS


North Melbourne501781.720
St. Kilda501775.520

Playing List

1 Steven Smith 19 6
2 Robert Flower 2128
3 Gerard Healy 2019
4 Peter Giles 191
5 Ray Holden 31
6 Michael O'Sullivan 70
7 Brian Wilson 65
8 Peter Thorne 1217
9 Alan Johnson 1616
10 Danny Hughes 112
11 Stephen Icke 191
12 David Williams 1813
14 Roger Ellingworth 104
15 Mark Withers 55
16 Adrian Battiston 75
18 Greg Hutchison 11
19 Rodney Wright 61
20 Russell Richards 157
21 Peter Tossol 1014
22 Chris Connolly 1616
23 Kelly O'Donnell 52
24 Bret Bailey 126
25 Xavier Tanner 95
26 Glenn McLean 20
27 Glenn Boland 71
28 David Cordner 1732
29 Dale Dickson 107
30 Peter Moore 225
31 Kelvin Templeton 1651
32 Shane Zantuck 141
33 Greg Healy 1625
35 Darryl Cox 31
43 Frank Rugolo 66
44 John Fidge 1227
45 Graeme Yeats 130
46 Michael Reynolds 102
47 Alan Jarrott 213
48 Ross Fisher 10
56 Paul Earley 11
58 Michael Howard 20

Best and Fairest

Player Votes
1st Gerard Healy 362
2nd Peter Moore 306
3rd Alan Jarrott 292
4th Robert Flower 254
5th Peter Giles 196
6th David Cordner 139
7th Graeme Yeats 134
8th Greg Healy 132
9th David Williams 130
10th Shane Zantuck 96
11th Russell Richards 79
12th Stephen Icke 78
13th John Fidge 76
14th Kelvin Templeton 72
15th Alan Johnson 68
16th Brian Wilson 59
17th Danny Hughes 58
18th Glenn Boland 50
19th Steven Smith 50
20th Peter Thorne 47
21st Rodney Wright 31
22nd Mark Withers 30
23rd Bret Bailey 29
24th Frank Rugolo 28
25th Michael O'Sullivan 24
26th Chris Connolly 22
27th Michael Reynolds 19
28th Ray Holden 16
29th Peter Tossol 15
30th Roger Ellingworth 12
31st Bruce Joycey 6
32nd Darryl Cox 4
33rd Dale Dickson 4
34th Kelly O'Donnell 3
  • Joycey did not play seniors during the year. The votes were awarded for his performance in a night match.

Other Awards
Redlegs Trophy - Chris Connolly


1984 Reserves Season
Captain - Greg Hutchison
Best and Fairest - Adrian Battiston


SF Carlton WIN
GF Carlton WIN

Under 19's

1984 Under 19's Season
Best and Fairest - Stephen Newport


QF North Melbourne LOSS
SF Hawthorn WIN
PF Richmond LOSS


Round 11 Gerard Healy Striking Not Guilty
Round 14 Chris Connolly Striking Not Guilty
Round 21 Darryl Cox Striking Not Guilty
Round 21 Darryl Cox Striking 2 matches
Round 21 Darryl Cox Attempted headbutting Not Guilty

"Demons win $100,000 backing" - The Age 13/09/1983
The Age - 05/04/1984
"Moore gets second Brownlow" - The Age 25/09/1984
"Barassi to say - it's definite" - The Age 19/10/1984

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