Captain - Coach: Percy Beames
Finishing Position: 8th
Best and Fairest: Allan La Fontaine
Leading Goalkicker: Fred Fanning (37)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing List Awards Seconds

Image Having won three premierships in a row the Demons voted against continuing the competition until the war was won. They had lost most of their old players and only had three of the 1941 seconds players available. The club stated it would be unable to field a team unless other sides cleared players from their districts.

The motion was rejected by other VFL clubs and the Demons continued, not without some suggestion that they might go it alone by pulling out due to a lack of available players. Geelong pulled out of the competition due to wartime travel restrictions and the league went on with 11 teams. There was even talk of a wartime amalgamation with Collingwood, before each side discovered they were better off for players than they had originally thought.

Not surprisingly in the circumstances crowds across the league tumbled. Despite being defending premiers, Melbourne had been hit harder by the war than any other club. Not only had they lost players to military service by both master secretary Percy Page and coach Checker Hughes had moved on.

Thrust into the coaching job Percy Beames presided over a side which had 18 of the 36 who played the year before unavailable, and many of those who were couldn't play every week.

The Demons had even been thrown off the MCG by the US Army. They moved across Yarra Park to Punt Road for matches, and to Albert Park for training and considering the circumstances, especially after losing their first three matches, it was a major achievement for the Demons to finish 8th.

Clubs received four points for the bye, and due to the unbalanced nature of the competition Footscray, Carlton, St Kilda, North Melbourne and Collingwood all had two byes whereas the other clubs only had one each.

Melbourne's VFL delegates were Joe Blair and Bruce Hogg.

Premiership Season

1 EssendonLOSS
2 RichmondLOSS
3 FitzroyLOSS
4 HawthornWIN
5 South MelbourneLOSS
6 St. KildaLOSS
7 North MelbourneWIN
8 CollingwoodLOSS
10 CarltonLOSS
11 FootscrayLOSS
12 EssendonWIN
13 RichmondLOSS
14 FitzroyWIN
15 HawthornWIN
16 South MelbourneLOSS


South Melbourne1104129.048
St. Kilda60881.932
North Melbourne401078.224

Playing List

1 Keith Truscott 11
2 Roy Dowsing 152
3 Bob Spargo 20
4 Norm Smith 1030
5 Tom Bush 42
6 Fred Fanning 1537
7 Jack Heal 31
8 Don Hewson 80
9 Richie Emselle 132
10 Maurie Gibb 144
11 Norm Matthews 80
12 Jack Mueller 1326
13 George Lenne 130
14 George Archibald 110
15 Ron Baggott 719
16 Tom Ferguson 51
17 Allan La Fontaine 125
18 Darcy Walsh 70
19 Ray Shearer 20
20 Ted Wood 20
21 Don Cordner 122
22 Arthur Franklin 32
23 Ray Wartman 10
24 Percy Beames 1428
25 Hughie McPherson 90
26 Gordon Kramer 20
27 Frank Deayton 100
28 Ted Cordner 110
29 Jack O'Keefe 52
29 Colin Bradley 40
30 Alby Rodda 89
31 Les Gibbs 94
32 Bob Stone 30
33 Bernie Neenan 12
34 Adrian Dullard 87
35 Danny Powell 76
36 Bryan Martin 30
Billy Deans 43
Clyde Helmer 23
Jim McDonald 10
Jack Minnis 30


Best clubman - Percy Beames
Most improved - Donald Cordner

Round 1 Norm Smith Jostling Not Guilty
Round 3 Jack O'Keefe Elbowing Not Guilty
Round 12 Les Gibbs Striking Not Guilty


1942 Seconds Season

St Kilda 100348
Richmond 110348
Essendon 90444
Fitzroy 100444
South Melbourne50828
Carlton 201212
North Melbourne101212

All Seconds teams other than Richmond, Fitzroy and Carlton had two byes.
Some sources suggest Melbourne trained on Punt Road on Monday and Wednesday rather than the Albert Ground.
Pre-season report (Age 02/04/1945) says Bill Farrell would coach the Seconds 'subject to approval of the MCC' but he didn't take up the role.

Argus - 10/03/1942
Age - 31/03/1942
Argus - 20/04/1942
Argus - 24/04/1942

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