Lists and Statistics


9 Point Goals Maximum points in pre-season games
Family at other clubs
Most finals
Foreign born players Irishmen, New Zealanders, Englishmen and a Singaporean
Goal of the year
Goal with their first kick
Grand Final Sprint Incomplete list of players to represent Melbourne
Heritage numbers
Indigenous Players All Melbourne's indigenous players
Interstate Recruits Players from interstate
Interstate Representatives State of Origin players
Last game of the season debuts
Mark of the Year
Near Misses Players who missed a games milestone by the narrowest of margins
Nearly Men Players strongly linked to the Demons who never came, or those who changed their mind
Oldest players
Other players Reserves, Under 19's, kids and various others.
Players used in a season Most and least
Players turned umpires
Players who served during war
Players without photos
Round By Round Records
SANFL Players who also appeared in the South Australian league.
Premiership players at other clubs Players who have left Melbourne and won a Premiership elsewhere
Season records
The Irish Experiment Players who came from Ireland
Tribunal Who got booked and for what
Two clubs in the same season To or from the Demons mid-year
Unknown Players Players who we don't have first names for
Unknown Players Pre-VFL Players from 1859-1896 who we don't have first names for
VFA Players who also appeared in Victoria's 'other' competition.
WAFL Players who also appeared in the WAFL.
Where Are They From Players whose origin is unknown
Youngest Players


100 plus consecutive games
Career Stat Leaders (1965-)
Most games
Goals Per Game
Most goals
Leading Goalkicker
Most average disposals in a season
Most Bounces in a season
Most Clangers in a season
Most Clearances in a season
Most Contested Marks in a season
Most contested possessions in a season
Most finals
Most free kicks in a season
Most games in jumper number
Most games without a goal
Most Goal Assists in a season
Most goals on debut
Most goals in a season
Most goals in jumper number
Most hitouts in a season
Most Inside 50s in a season
Most marks in a season
Most Marks Inside 50 in a season
Most One Percenters in a season
Most Rebound 50s in a season
Most tackles in a season
Most Uncontested Possessions in a season
No Possessions In A Match


10 goals
100th goal
100 point wins
100 point losses
After The Siren
Lowest MCG crowds since 1987
Highest losing scores
Memorable matches
Milestone matches
One Point Games
Other Win-Loss Records
Queens Birthday
Scoreless First Quarters
Scoreless fourth quarters
Quarter records
Scoring shots

The club

Financial Results The good, the bad and the nearly bankrupt
Memberships Totals from 1985 onwards
Mergers Proposals both serious, and not so serious
Sponsors Those who have thrown a dollar in over the years


Disclaimer The legal bit
FAQ Everything you wanted to know about Demon Wiki
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Sources Where we've got information from, and some of the people who helped

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