Players linked to Melbourne

Players who nearly signed with, or it was suggested would join Melbourne but never did.


Charles Forbes Arrived at Spencer Street station in the mid 1890's expecting to sign for Melbourne but was instead met by the Essendon secretary who took him to their home ground and convinced him to sign.


Fred Leach Applied for a clearance to Melbourne in the early 1900's but was rejected by the permit committee when they decided that the MCC membership he would receive counted as an inducement. 1902 Collingwood premiership hero who was blocked from joining Melbourne in 1905 and moved to Boorondara (Hawthorn) instead.
Billy Monagle Former MCC cricketer who applied to be a coach at Melbourne. He had played for Port Melbourne and Warriors WA before being refused a clearance to South Melbourne in 1904. He then went to South Ballarat, was again refused a clearance to South and joined the Northcote Junior team. His application was refused again. more
Tom Sherry Refused a clearance by Geelong in 1908.
Tom Heaney Cleared from Richmond in April 1907 without playing a game but returned to the Tigers in 1908 to play 56 games.


P. Mills Bendigo player who doesn't appear to have received his clearance before the 1910 season. Probably Paddy Mills
Franklin Port Melbourne player expected to appear with Melbourne but didn't
Johnson Fitzroy player denied a clearance in April 1911
'Morrison' Elsternwick player linked with Melbourne before 1913 season
'Nettle' Geelong College forward linked with Melbourne before 1913 season
'Burns' Caulfield forward linked to Melbourne before 1913 season
Joe Slater Geelong player said to be going to be Melbourne "if he gets a clearance". Played through 1914 at Geelong.
Dick Monteith Essendon player linked with Melbourne before the 1913 season
Len Phillips Pursued for 1914 when Melbourne City folded but joined St Kilda.
Joe Slater Refused a clearance by Geelong in 1913. There was a suggestion he would join University instead but he stayed with Geelong until the end of 1914
Webb Geelong player linked to Melbourne in 1913
Wally Conder Champion Tasmanian player who was about to join Melbourne in when World War I interrupted. Later became the general manager of the ABC.
Bill Stone Fitzroy player who signed with Melbourne upon returning from the war. The league blocked the move and he returned to the Maroons but failed to play another match.


Snowy Hamilton South Australian champion from North Adelaide who was rumoured to join Melbourne in 1921 but the move did not come off.
Chip Turner South Melbourne player who was denied a clearance on residential grounds and returned to South.
'Law' 100 goal kicker in the 1931 amateurs who was expected to play for Melbourne in 1932 but did not.
Edward Greeves First winner of the Brownlow Medal who applied for a clearance to Melbourne in 1932 but was denied.
Fred Williams Carlton player who applied for a clearance, was denied and returned to the amateurs.
Joe Slater Geelong player refused a clearance in 1913 and went to Hawthorn instead before returning to Geelong.
Ian McLean Bairnsdale/Xavier forward who was linked to Melbourne in 1924 but never played.
FH O'Callaghan Applied for a clearance to Melbourne from North Melbourne in 1925 but did not eventually join.
Carlyle and Peter Cleal Oakleigh and Murrumbeena men linked in 1924 who did not join.
Maher Swan Hill played linked in 1924
Tom Standing 1926-1927 Linked with Melbourne in the 1926 and 1927 pre-season
L. Standing and C'Connor 1928 Linked with Melbourne in the pre-season


R Whiting Applied for a clearance to Melbourne in 1931 but was tied to Geelong based on a new ruling that affected him as he had been a boarder at Geelong College.
Ron Shapter South Melbourne player who Melbourne had to deny they'd tried to poach in mid-1931, suggesting he had turned up to training on his own accord and had been sent away.
Roy Cazaly Persistently linked with Melbourne in 1931
Bert Hyde Hawthorn player who applied for a clearance to Melbourne in 1933 but was persuaded to stay.
George Bell Horsham full back linked to Melbourne and Essendon in 1933. Joined Essendon.
Arthur Kingsley From East Fremantle in 1932 along with Les Jones. Not clear if he signed.
Phonse Kyne Collingwood champion who was ignored when he tried out for Melbourne in 1933, then went on to play 245 games for Collingwood
GB Johnson 1933 recruiting target from Glenelg who also played state football but opted to stay in South Australia as he believed he wouldn't win a clearance.
Les Hardiman Geelong player linked with Melbourne in 1932 but remained with his original side until 1937
McCaffery 1933 recruiting target who lived in St Kilda's recruiting district. They refused him a clearance to Melbourne.
Hec Rutherford Trained in 1932 but rights held by Fitzroy
Bruce Andrew Collingwood wingman and club vice-president who was pursued by the Redlegs after not making the Magpies' final list in 1934. He did not join and eventually played four games with Collingwood that year.
'Palmer' Brunswick player who applied for a clearance in 1935 but was refused by his club
Roy Burt Invited to join Melbourne in 1934 but declined the offer and stayed in Leeton
Jack Bissett Rumoured to be coming to Melbourne in 1937 after leaving South Melbourne.
Arthur Timms and Bob Chitty Sunshine players who may have signed to Melbourne in 1936 but did not play
Jack Lowry Residentially tied to Melbourne in 1937 but allowed to join St Kilda in exchange for the rights to Bill Pearson
Hec Downing Rushworth player approached by Melbourne in 1937
Arthur Timms and Bob Chitty Sunshine players linked with Melbourne before the 1937 season.
Bates Northcote player that Melbourne tried to sign during his Collingwood career, then had to deny they were pursuing him again in 1937
Whitehead and Johnson Prahran players sought by Melbourne before 1937 but opted to stay in the VFA
H. Crane 1938 New South Wales player sought by Melbourne but opted to remain with St George


Jack Hill 1941 cricketer sought by Melbourne and Richmond
Billy Kingsbury A well regarded Western Australian, Kingsbury was signed by the Demons in late 1941 but never played a senior game with the club. Just a week after it was announced he would join Melbourne his transfer was cancelled by the ANFC who rules that interstate player transfers must take place before the end of the home and away series.
Ray Steele Trained with Melbourne before 1940 but then left to join Richmond. Returned to the club to train again midway through 1942 but went back to Richmond
Emrys Owen Ruckman from Newtown, Sydney who received an offer to play for Melbourne in 1944.
J. Shellcot Sought clearances in 1946.
Max Currie Richmond beat Essendon and Melbourne to his signature in 1947.
Jim Thoms Melbourne sought to interview the Footscray rover in 1947 after 127 VFL games. They did not sign him and he never played another match.
Matthews Williamstown player who trained before 1947 but returned to his old side in March.
Reg Parker Sandringham rover linked with Melbourne in 1947 but stayed with his old side.
McPherson Williamstown player who trained before 1947 but returned to his old side in March.
Merv Laffey Footscray player who applied for 1947 pre-season clearance but stayed at his original club until 1952.
Ivan Goodingham Essendon follower who expressed a desire to play with Melbourne in 1948.
Jack Collins Fitzroy forwarded who the Demons were refused permission to talk to in 1948
Johnny McDonald Camberwell man who the Demons whisked away in the midst of a match but was refused a clearance. Camberwell then cleared him to Hawthorn.
Stan Tomlins Sandringham player who was pursued by both Melbourne and Richmond in 1948. Eventually crossed to the Tigers without a clearance.
Max Rees 1948 recruiting target from Tasmania after winning the Best and Fairest in the Tasmanian amateurs and captaining the Australian Amateurs in an interstate carnival
Tim Robb Footscray rover who was refused permission to talk with Melbourne in 1948.
Duncan Anderson Schoolboy who kicked 24 in a match for Melbourne Grammar in 1949 and was said to want to play for Melbourne despite being residentially bound to St Kilda. Did not end up playing VFL seniors but played for Old Melburnians in the VAFA - and as part of the representative team which played in the 1956 Olympics exhibition match.
G. Goninon and K. Newton Essendon forwards who Melbourne requested permission to interview early in the 1949 season.
Harold Shillinglaw Fitzroy half-forward sought by Melbourne in the 1949 pre-season.
Peter Box Melbourne had a chance to sign him in the late 40s but didn't and he instead went to Footscray
Norman Minns A number of clubs pursued him in the late 40s/early 50s but he was residentially tied to Collingwood who would not clear him


Len Gilder 1950s May have been at Melbourne before Mordialloc.
A. Anderson 1950 Sandringham player who Melbourne requested permission to have train in the pre-season but were turned down.
Freddie Anderson 1953 Fitzroy rover who Melbourne sought to interview
Gary Maddox recruiting target who turned the Demons down to stay in Tasmania
L. Dorman and J. Williams ACT players from Manuka and Turner respectively who were invited to train with Melbourne in 1951
Merv Mitchell Tasmanian who agreed to join in December 1950 but was injured in a road accident and remained in hospital through February 1951
John Barbour Richmond player who applied for a clearance in 1951.
Ray Rocher Full-forward who Melbourne tried to recruit in 1951 but who decided he was too young to travel to the mainland.
Peter McAree Tried to cross to Melbourne from South in 1952. Had played one seconds game for the Swans.
Paddy Martin Tasmanian who was supposed to join Melbourne in 1952 but was then named senior coach of Launceston and decided to stay in Tasmania.
Jack O'Halloran Applied for a clearance in 1952, but ended up joining North
Ian Toyne Brother of Len Toyne who Melbourne sought to interview in April 1952
Tom Allen 1953 Richmond player who sought a clearance in the pre-season
Noel McGuinness 1953 Captain of Queensland side Mornington who was sought by Melbourne and St Kilda.
Ken Cameron 1954 Residentially tied to Geelong and failed in an attempt to get a clearance to Melbourne.
Bruce Murray 1954 South Melbourne player who applied for a clearance to Melbourne but did not join
Clayton Thompson 1954 Jim Cardwell attempted to challenge Hawthorn's right to sign Thompson on residential qualification grounds, but the committee failed to back his challenge.
Len Templar Melbourne, Footscray and Hawthorn lost out to North in the race to sign the winger
Freddie Anderson 15 game Fitzroy rover who the Demons tried to sign in 1953.
Peter Box 1956 Brownlow Medallist who Melbourne secretary Alex Gray sent Ivor Warne-Smith to watch at Wesley College. Warne-Smith did not make the trip and Box signed with Footscray.
Roy Apted Tasmanian sought by Hawthorn and Melbourne at the end of 1956. He didn't sign and joined St Kilda in 1959.
Len Gilder Given permission by Mordialloc to speak to Melbourne in 1953.
Len Templar North Melbourne played who trialled with Melbourne before joining the Roos but did not sign
Noel Dickson Footscray played who trialled with Melbourne before joining the Bulldogs but did not sign
Matt Cunningham Fitzroy played who trialled with Melbourne in 1957 before joining the Lions but did not sign. He again flirted with joining the Demons in 1958 but went back to Fitzroy.
Brian Gleeson When his brother Terry signed for Melbourne, Brian was offered a role in the thirds. St. Kilda promptly signed him up.
Lester Ross Melbourne objected to the signing of the St Kilda player as they believed he had lived in their territory.
Rhys London Tasmanian who the Demons were on the verge of signing in 1959, but the deal fell through.
Ron Marshall Refused a clearance from Port Melbourne in June 1959


John Somerville Moe recruit who the club couldn't convince to move to Melbourne. Also signed by Essendon for 1960.
Wayne Athorne Trained with the Demons in 1961 but eventually joined Hawthorn where he played one game.
Bob Williams North Launceston player who was refused a clearance by his club at least 14 times.
Maurie Wood Would have bene residentially tied to Melbourne in 1962 if North hadn't signed him first.
Percy Jones Tasmanian star flown to Melbourne to watch the 1964 Grand Final but signed with Carlton when Ron Barassi joined the Blues.
Bruce McPherson 1964 Best and Fairest for the ANU team in the Canberra League. Approached by Melbourne to sign but turned them down
Alex Jesaulenko Approached by Melbourne in 1966 but turned them down
Tom Hynes Schoolboy star who was pursued by both the Demons and South Melbourne. Eventually played fourteen games over three years at South.


Lyle Skinner South Australian who played a practice match with Melbourne in 1971 but chose to sign with Fitzroy
Dean Farnham Central Districts ruckman shown as "not coming until next year" in a June 1971 edition of Inside Football. Eventually played for Fitzroy in 1974.
Bob Heard and Peter Jones 1971 Shown as having been pursued by Melbourne in a June 1971 edition of Inside Football
Brian Mynott St Kilda ruckman who agreed to sign with Melbourne before the 1973 season then changed his mind and returned to Moorabbin.
Rex Hunt Linked to the Demons in April 1973
Peter Cloke Former Richmond forward who played pre-season in 1974 but didn't sign
John Pitura Had negotiations with Melbourne and Geelong when he left South Melbourne but ultimately signed for Richmond.
Graeme Gellie Was on his way to Melbourne after being rejected by St Kilda until he signed with Northcote instead. Later returned to the Saints in 1978.
Robert Lamb Melbourne refused to pay a $30,000 transfer fee from Richmond in 1975
Michael Graham Sturt was prepared to swap him for Gary Hardeman, but Hardeman decided to stay at Melbourne in 1976
Adrian Gallagher Chose North over Melbourne, Carlton or staying at Footscray in 1976
Gary Parkes Meant to be a part of the Allan Davis trade to Essendon in 1978 but joined Richmond instead.
Leigh Matthews Melbourne attempted to sign him as playing coach in 1978 but Hawthorn reported them to the VFL for making an illegal approach.


Grant Thomas Melbourne was one of the clubs linked to him when he was dropped from the St Kilda list in early 1980.
Michael Oaten Son of ex-South Melbourne player Max Oaten lived in Melbourne's zone in 1980, but the Demons passed on him and he ended up playing 6 games for South/Sydney.
David Young Offered to the Demons by South Melbourne in a swap for Cameron Clayton in 1979 Melbourne opted to keep Clayton and South delisted Young.
Kevin Bartlett and David Cloke Richmond accused Melbourne of trying to poach their players at the end of 1980
Rod Ashman Originally part of the Greg Wells trade to Carlton, Melbourne waved his rights to take Vin Catoggio and Michael Young instead.
Alan Mangels The Demons claimed Carlton had offered him as part of the Greg Wells trade. The matter ended up in court during 1981
Guy Byrne Brunswick player who had been offered a trial by the Demons before being run down by a hit-run driver and losing his leg.
Ronny Barassi Son of Ron Barassi, chose to join North Melbourne instead of Carlton or the Demons who he was also eligible for. Played Under 19's but no further.
Mark Browning Appeared likely to cross from South Melbourne in 1982 before Essendon outbid the Demons. Stayed at South.
Niall Quinn Irishman who the club hoped to lure in 1983 but lost out on when he chose to sign with soccer side Arsenal instead.
Ian McMullin Trained with Melbourne in the 1984 pre-season but were out-bid by Collingwood ($10,000) for his services.
Jonathan Barber Moama ruckman linked to Melbourne in the 1980s.
Michael Coates Former Fitzroy player who trained with Melbourne in the 1985 pre-season. Missed '85 and returned to the Roys in '86.
Gary Ablett Interviewed by Melbourne when he briefly split from Geelong in December 1987 but returned to the Cats.
Mark Massey Invited to train in the 1988 pre-season. Not clear if he took up the offer.
Michael Roach John Northey attempted to lure the Richmond spearhead, but he didn't sign.
Brian Taylor Melbourne announced they were interested in signing the controversial Collingwood full-forward after the 1987 season but he remained at the Pies where he kicked 73 goals in 1988.
Mark Massey ACT Under 16's captain who was 'asked to train' with the Demons in 1988
Darren Pallant Dandenong Ruck/Rover who trained with the Demons before 1989 but was not added to the senior list


Michael Tuck In his autobiography Garry Lyon says that the Demons made an offer to Tuck after the 1991 season that was half considered.
Dermott Brereton With Allen Jakovich finished and David Schwarz out for the season Melbourne showed some interest in "Dermie" for 1995.
Darren Gaspar Melbourne were linked with the ex-Sydney defender in early 1996 but baulked at his 250k price tag.
Daryl Griffin Melbourne agreed to trade Jeff Hilton to Footscray for Griffin at the end of the 1996 season but the deal was vetoed by Footscray's administration.
Gavin Brown It was reported that Melbourne attempted to lure the Collingwood captain at the end of 1996.
Stuart Edwards Ex-Richmond forward. Trained at the end of the 1996 season but was not drafted.
Paul McCormack Ex-Carlton defender. Trained at the end of the 1996 season but was not drafted.
Shannon Grant Linked to Melbourne in July 1997
Peter Matera Agreed to join then changed his mind and stayed at West Coast in 1998
Glenn Manton Linked with Melbourne at the end of 1999 he was not offered an appropriate deal by the Blues. Ended up staying at Carlton.
Frankie Raso Former Collingwood player, trained with the club at the end of 1999 but was not drafted
Nathan Gemmill Rochester player who trained with the club at the end of 1999 but was not drafted


Blake Campbell Son of Des Campbell who Melbourne asked permission to list despite their salary cap penalties after the 2000 season.
Peter Berbakov Delisted Essendon defender who trained with the Demons after the 2000 season
Adam Coghlan Ex-Sydney Swans list player from Sandringham invited to train after 2000.
Ryan Viney Brother of Todd and Jay. Trained with the Demons after 2000
Paul Maher Ex-Fremantle player. Trained after 2000.
Bernie Collins Irishman who was lost to the Demons in a coin-toss with the Bulldogs. Melbourne got Kevin Devine instead.
Brad Flower Son of Robbie Flower. Played with Eastern Ranges in 2001 and with Sandringham in 2002 with an eye to a father/son selection but was not picked.
Barnaby Howarth 22-year-old midfielder from Pennant Hills, NSW. Trained but was not picked up in the rookie draft and joined Sandringham.
Trent Croad The Demons were initially named as his most likely destination after leaving Hawthorn, but he eventually went to Fremantle.
David Pitt Springvale player who trained with the club at the end of 2001.
Wayne Carey Midway through 2002, Melbourne were one of the club's linked to Carey with CEO John Anderson refusing to rule out a move.
Michael Handby Former Adelaide listed player who trained with the team after 2002 but was not drafted
Chad Davis Former St Kilda player who trained but was not drafted at the end of 2002
Danny O'Brien Geelong player who trained with the club but was not drafted at the end of 2002
Jade Rawlings Met with Melbourne in the 2003 trade week with a view to joining as a swap for the #5 selection (Brock McLean)
Ryan Houlihan Had an offer to join in 2003 but chose to stay at Carlton.
Justin Blumfield Considered in 2005 for the spot on the list left open by Troy Broadbridge
Kris Barlow Considered in 2005 for the spot on the list left open by Troy Broadbridge
Brad Sewell Ryan Ferguson refused a 2005 trade that would have seen him switch to Hawthorn as a swap for Sewell. Went on to win two premierships with the Hawks.
Chris Judd Childhood Melbourne fan who named the Demons as one of his four potential clubs before choosing Carlton after 2007
Robert Warnock Almost lured to the club before choosing Carlton after the 2008 season. His brother Matthew played for the Demons at the time.
Shaun Burgoyne Named Melbourne as one of his three preferred clubs after 2009 when he left Port Adelaide. Joined Hawthorn.
Luke Ball Courted by the Demons after the 2009 season but nominated Collingwood as his preferred club. Despite some suggestion that Melbourne would use National Draft selection 18 on him, they did not.
Mitch Thorp Former top ten Hawthorn pick who was sacked from the Hawks with a year left on his contracted. Trained with the Demons as a potential KPF at the end of the 2009 season but was not selected after failing medical tests.
David Hale Former North Melbourne ruckman linked heavily to the Demons during trade week 2010. Despite the suggestion that Hale would go to either club, he eventually landed at Hawthorn when the Hawks trumped Melbourne's trade offer.

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