Wayne Reid

Image The former president of the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia and owner of Melbourne Sports Depot was elected as president in November 1978 along with a new committee to replace the retiring John Mitchell. Before the 1977 season started he had been feted as a potential President of the VFL.

He had joined the board just a month before, to replace Dick Fenton-Smith as a casual member of the committee. One of the new committee's first actions was to sack coach Dennis Jones after one season where he had taken the Demons to a wooden spoon.

Reid left at the end of 1980, replaced by Billy Snedden. In March 1981 he was elected president of the International Assembly of National Confederations of Sports.


Age - 13/01/1977
Age - 21/11/1978
Age - 24/11/1978
Age - 29/11/1978
Age - 27/03/1981

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