Round 4 1964

Round 4, 1964
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 May
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 35,000

St. Kilda2.17.58.1113.15.93
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 26 points

Goalkickers: Barrie Vagg 4, Ken Emselle 2, Ron Barassi 1, Barry Bourke 1, Ray Groom 1

First Game
Graeme Jacobs

Last Game
Len Mann

100 Games
Tassie Johnson
Hassa Mann

The Demons fell to 2-2 at the hands of a St. Kilda side led by teenagers Carl Ditterich, 18, and Ian Cooper, 17.

The Demons got to within five points early in the last quarter, but St. Kilda steadied to win.

Ray Groom was the Demons best, but he had few friends. Barry Bourke and Bryan Kenneally both failed to have an impact at full-forward, with Saint Verdun Howell holding both well. Barry Vagg kicked four goals, but his impact on overall performance was lacking.

Alongside Groom, Anderson and Roet were the Demons' best.

Melbourne's Brian Dixon was unfortunate to miss out on the match, considering he was a candidate for the seat of St Kilda at the upcoming State Election and was hoping to showcase himself to prospective voters.

St Kilda 9.8 d. Melbourne 7.11
Goals - Wood 2, Carroll 1, Bourke 1, Matthews 1, Bartlett 1, Slade 1
Best - Matthews, Davis, Lord

Under 19s
Melbourne 17.6 defeated St. Kilda 6.12
Goals - Feldman 4, McNab 3, Schultz 3, Stone 2, Osborne 2, Marr 2, Russell 1
Best - Griffiths, Marr, Pritchard

Age - 11/05/1964
Football Record R5 1964

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