Round 9 1898

Round 9, 1898
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 July
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Match Drawn

Goalkickers: Stewart Geddes 1, Percy Howard 1, Dick Wardill 1

First Game
John Coghlan

Having beaten Carlton comfortably in their three previous meetings, the Fuschias were lucky to get the MFC's first draw in the VFL. The home side were down on strength with Moysey and Leith missing, the latter due to the death of his child that morning, and in the first minute the Blues kicked a goal without an opposition player getting a touch which gave them a lead they'd hold until the last minute.

Melbourne spent the second term on the attack, but only managed 1.7 for their efforts. Carlton, on the other hand, stopped, and added only a point. With the solid breeze starting to wane, Melbourne dropped defenders back in the third term and managed to stop Carlton increasing their lead by more than three points.

Kicking with the wind in the last term Melbourne were just eight points behind and it was now Carlton's turn to 'flood' the defence and waste time by kicking the ball out of bounds at every opportunity, and they led by a goal with just minutes left. The Fuschias, though, took the ball effortlessly from one end to the other and converted from a mark directly in front to tie the scores. They would have won the game if Carlton's Sharkey hadn't turned Howard's shot on goal wide of the posts as the ball rang.

Best were Wood, McGinis and Moodie.


The Argus reports the absence of "Norman", a player who had previously been under that name but had now changed his moniker, he is still shown as "Norman" in Herald. McLelland, Moore, Staines and 'Norman' were named in the squad but did not play

Argus - 11/07/1898
Australasian - 16/07/1898

Blueseum match report

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