Round 14 1925

Round 14, 1925
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 22 August
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 7000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 77 points

Goalkickers: Harry Davie 13, Harry Moyes 3, Hugh Dunbar 1, Ivor Warne-Smith 1


Returning from a break for a state game Melbourne made up for a disappointing loss to Collingwood a fortnight earlier by teeing off on historical rivals Carlton.

Wet conditions didn't hinder the Redlegs, nor did the fact that neither the injured Chadwick or Mollision could play at 100%, and a Carlton side who had fallen on hard times, were beaten comfortably. Despite taking a lead into quarter time and still being within striking range at the start of the last quarter the Blues fell victim to an avalanche in the final term which saw them concede 9.4 while scoring just two behinds.

Carlton had a strong breeze in the first quarter and failed to take advantage, only kicking three goals of their own and allowing Melbourne two. In congested, scrambling play Melbourne's defenders smothered many Carlton attacks and left them with a disappointingly slender seven point lead.

The visitors started their use of the wind poorly, missing several easy shots, but by the end of the term Harry Davie had four. Davie, who just two weeks before had been the victim of speculation that he should be residentially tied to Richmond, would go on to kick 13.5, including eight in the last term and three out of bounds. It remained the record for goals in a game at Princes Park until the ground closed to AFL football in 2005.

Again Carlton failed to use the breeze to their advantage in the third quarter, but Melbourne made no mistake in the last as they racked up a huge win. Most of Davie's goals came from 40 to 60 yards out and at the end of the game he was carried off the ground by his teammates to the applause of supporters of both teams.

His haul fell just one short of the then league record of 14 goals in a match. It contributed to Melbourne's greatest ever victory over the Blues, but the score fell three points short of their all-time historical record set against St Kilda in 1901.

It was Melbourne's fourth win of the year in wet conditions. Davie was best alongside Lilley and Taylor.

Melbourne 12.17 d. Carlton 7.8
Goals - Dunin 2, Crossin 2, Jones 1, Ewer 1, Hazel 1
Best - Unknown

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