2024 practice match vs Richmond

Practice match 2024
Melbourne vs Richmond
Sunday 18 February
Venue: Casey Fields
Attendance: Unknown

Melbourne 5.1 7.5 12.8 14.10.88
Richmond 3.110.6 13.6 18.9.117

Richmond win by 29 points

Goalkickers: Kynan Brown 2, Bayley Fritsch 2, Christian Petracca 2, Kysaiah Pickett 2, Kade Chandler 1, Max Gawn 1, Jake Lever 1, Josh Schache 1, Jacob van Rooyen 1, Will Verrell 1

Melbourne's first match of the year was officially listed as a 'match simulation' over seven periods, but in reality almost all the senior AFL players were shelved after the opening four quarters. The Demons got off to a hot start with the first five goals of the game, but let in the last three of the opening term. Richmond then booted seven unanswered to start the second, taking a commanding lead. Melbourne got two late goals, cutting the margin to 19 and briefly retook the lead during the third term before the Tigers - in their first game under ex-Demon Adem Yze - recovered to win easily.

At the end of the full seven periods, the score was Richmond 21.21.147 to Melbourne 22.13.145. Clayton Oliver and Christian Salem played in the second game.

Best were Petracca, Pickett and Brown.

Team (* denotes did not play in first four quarters)
Steven May, Jacob van Rooyen, Christian Salem*, Judd McVee, Christian Petracca, Caleb Windsor, Jack Viney, Jake Lever, Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver*, Jack Billings, Ed Langdon, Bailey Laurie, Jake Bowey, Josh Schache, Adam Tomlinson, Matt Jefferson*, Blake Howes, Trent Rivers, Jed Adams*, Marty Hore*, Will Verrall, Alex Neal-Bullen, Bayley Fritsch, Tom Sparrow, Kysaiah Pickett, Kade Chandler, Oliver Sestan*, Koltyn Tholstrup*, Kynan Brown, Kyah Farris-White*

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