Treasurer/Secretary: Sydney Woolley
Committee: Alex Bruce, William Hammersley, R. Morrison, Thomas Smith, James Thompson and Tom Wills
Captains - Thomas Smith - James Thompson - William Hammersley - Tom Wills
Leading goalkicker: William Hammersley - 5

The first Annual General Meeting of the club was held on Friday 27 April. The committee were elected, and a challenge for two matches from Richmond was read out and accepted before the gentlemen adjourned for a scratch match which was played with the unfamiliar oval ball until it became too dark to continue.

The new Richmond club saw a number of players who were associated with the Richmond Cricket Club but had previously appeared with Melbourne either switch over for the year or play for both clubs. They included Alex Bruce, Henry Harrison, George Marshall, Dick Wardill and Tom Wills. The University club also fielded several Melbourne players who were also students.

On Monday 28 May, over two weeks after the first game of the season, a meeting was convened between the Melbourne, St. Kilda, South Yarra, Richmond, Scotch College, University, Williamstown, Collingwood and Boroondara clubs to redraw the rules. Geelong were absent. The clubs used the July 1859 Melbourne Rules as a basis, and a move to outlaw the transfer of the ball by hand was voted down. Proposals for goals to count if they crossed the line under any circumstances, and for pushing to be outlawed were also defeated.

Rule VIII was altered to allow players to catch the ball, or take it from the ground only on the first hop. They weren't allowed to pick the ball up and run with it, but in practice the changed rule was ignored in most matches. With Melbourne's rules almost unanimously adopted as the game's official rulebook The Argus wrote:

The Melbourne Football Club may fairly congratulate themselves on the fact, that their rules, with one exception, were formally adopted by the representatives of the different clubs present.

On Saturday 9 June Melbourne were meant to play the Church of England Grammar School, but the school didn't have enough players. St. Kilda turned up, having had their game with Richmond called off for the same reason. There was a motion for the Melbourne 25 to take on the combined St. Kilda/Grammar 40 but it was defeated and instead Hammersley and Thompson picked sides for an intra-club match. Thompson scored a goal, with assistance from Wills to win the game for his side.

A match against Scotch College on Saturday 23 June was cancelled due to poor weather. The match was instead played on Saturday 14 July. A further scratch match was played on Monday July 2 between sides picked by TH Smith and Harrison, Smith's side won 1-0.

On Saturday 4 August Melbourne and Richmond combined to play 'other clubs' and lost 1-0. A similar match was played on September 15 and again saw the combination of South Yarra/St Kilda/Melbourne Grammar/University win by a single goal.

A scratch match on 25 August was called off due to rain, but another played between Melbourne and Richmond players took place on the Richmond Cricket Ground on 8 September, and a week later a match was played between a Melbourne/Richmond combination and the rest of the city - including players from South Yarra, St Kilda, Melbourne Grammar and University.


12 May Richmond DRAW1-1
26 May University WIN2-0
2 and 16 June Richmond WIN2-0
30 June Richmond WIN2-0
5 July Richmond WIN2-1
7 July St Kilda WIN2-0
14 July Scotch College DRAW0-0
28 July South Yarra WIN2-0
11 August South Yarra DRAW1-1
18 August Richmond LOSS0-3
1 September Geelong DRAW0-0


E. Amsinck, F. Armytage, Arnott, C. Aryey, John Baker, T. Baker, W. Barter, W. Basevi, Bird, W. Brazenor, Alex Bruce, H. Bryant, Jerry Bryant, HH Budd, James Byrne, Jason Campbell, A. Clarke, Jack Conway, W Conway, R. Cooper, G. Cosstick, Sam Cosstick, R. Courtney, J. Crosbie, A. Dennis, W. Doherty, W. Freame, WJ Greig, C. Grut, William Hammersley, E. Harrison, Henry Harrison, H. Henty, Hodgkinson, A. Hope, W. Hurst, Ireland, C. Kenworthy, Lightfoot, R. MacKenzie, J McPherson, George Marshall, TS Marshall, A. May, H. Montgomery, R. Morrison, H. Murray, T. Murray, G. Nichols, David Ogilvy, G O'Mullane, M. Petrie, G. Robinson, J. Russell, J. Shiels, M. Smith, RM Smith, Thomas Smith, George Tait, H. Thompson, James Thompson, W. Thompson, Dick Wardill, R. Waugh, R. Webb, Tom Wills, H. Woolley, J. Woolley, S. Woolley, Thomas Wray


William Hammersley 5, JR Baker 2, James Thompson 2, Bird 1, Tom Wills 1, Thomas Wray 1

Some sources list HW Bryant as the "Champion of the Colony" for 1860, but there is some dispute over whether this award actually existed. A game may have been played against Geelong on September 22.

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"Origins of Australian Football: Volume 1" by Mark Pennings

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