1860 August Match vs South Yarra

Saturday 11 August - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 1
South Yarra 1

Match drawn

Goalkicker: Thomas Wray

TH Smith captained Melbourne in a match continued from the two Saturdays previous. As Melbourne had won the match quickly the return clash was played until sundown, with South Yarra taking a one nil lead.

Upon the restart, with the familiar problem of spectators encroaching on the playing field, it took an hour for Melbourne to equalise through Wray. No more goals were scored before darkness.

Smith, JB Thompson, Byrne, Hammersley, Bryant, Wardill, S. Woolley, A. Pope, Petrie, G. Marshall, T. Wray, McPherson, Baker, J. Baker, Harrison, Freame, Morrison, May, Lightfoot, Russell, Doherty, Wills, Bruce, Nicholls, Conway, Shoesmith, Montgomery, W. Thompson

Argus - 11/08/1860
Argus - 13/08/1860

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