Round 15 1967

Round 15, 1967
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 August
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 18,588

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 3 points

Goalkickers: Hassa Mann 2, Peter Smith 2, Bryan Kenneally 1, Barrie Vagg 1

Last Game
Rob Foster
Robert Stewart

Last game as coach
Norm Smith

With just three goals on the board going into the last term the Demons charged home. Reserves coach John Beckwith was forced to coach the second half when Norm Smith suffered heart pains, Smith's brother Len had passed away from a heart attack just a week before so he was taking no chances. Smith took the rest of the season off, making it the last time he coached Melbourne.

Brian Dixon was the Demons best, and if he had the support up front that he deserved Melbourne would have kicked more than three goals in the first three quarters. Still, with both team's backlines firmly in charge, Melbourne were still within striking distance going into the last quarter. Six of Dixon's 25 kicks were old fashioned drop-kicks.

After his first chance to give the senior team a rev-up Beckwith's team could have won if a Hassa Mann shot in the last few seconds had gone through.

Best were Dixon, Davis and Stone. Foster (ankle) was replaced by Leahy at three quarter time. Emselle (exhaustion) was replaced by Townsend in the last quarter.

Melbourne 9.19 d. Carlton 9.11
Goals - Dowsing 2, Sullivan 2, Knape 2, Jacobs 1, Sampson 1, Aubrey 1
Best - Dowsing, Lees, Knape

Under 19s
Carlton 16.16 d. Melbourne 11.12
Goals - Calleja 4, Hill 2, McGuinness 2, Calder 1, Hooper 1, Wells 1
Best - Calleja, Jennings, Wells

Football Record R16 1967
Age - 07/08/1967
Football Record - Round 11, 1999

Blueseum match report

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