Round 4 1996

Round 4, 1996
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 20 April
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 19,051

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 47 points

Goalkickers: Craig Nettelbeck 3, David Neitz 2, Shaun Smith 2, Alastair Clarkson 1, Jeff Farmer 1, Andrew Obst 1, Craig Turley 1, Adem Yze 1

First Game
Darren O'Brien

Melbourne's second consecutive visit to Princes Park came after a 'home' game win against the Saints the week before, but on the day when the Blues unveiled the premiership flag at their home ground they were too good for the disappointing Dees. Due to reduced capacity at the ground during grandstand construction, the game was an all-ticket affair, effectively meaning very few Demon fans could attend.

The premiers' win was so lacklustre that Carlton's players didn't even sing the song at the end of the game. Melbourne kept star Blue midfielder Greg Williams to 13 possessions, and slowed Carlton's pace after half time when the Blues were hit hard by injury but were already nine goals down and already beaten. Their nine extra scoring shots in the second half were no use.

During the third quarter the emergency umpire reported "persons from the bench" for using abusive language towards a field umpire. Football Manager Richard Griffiths said he didn't even know which three players were on the bench at the time of the report, but it also included a physio, doctor, team manager, runner and PE consultant.

Carlton coach David Parkin called it "probably the worst eight goal win we've ever had", while Neil Balme said "At least we had a go at it". Balme was also critical of decisions, describing himself and the umpires as "poles apart" on rule interpretations, and describing two goals conceded from questionable deliberate out of bound decisions before half time as "unfortunate".

Best were Turley, Hopgood and Nettelbeck. Hilton (thigh) was replaced in the selected side by debutante O'Brien.


Melbourne 20.14.134 d. Carlton 8.8.56
Goals - D. Yze 7, Molloy 2, Guest 2, Donald Cockatoo-Collins 2, Bartul 2, Bunning 1, Corrigan 1, Davidson 1, Irving 1, McDonald 1
Best - Irving, Davidson, Guest

Age gives the attendance as 18,691

Age - 19/04/1996
Age - 21/04/1996
Age - 22/04/1996
Football Record R5 1996

Blueseum match report

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