September 1869 match vs Geelong

Saturday 4 September - Argyle Ground

Geelong 2
Melbourne 2

Match drawn

Goalkicker: Stodart 1, Colless 1

The visitors sent one of their strongest teams for the match, and had a decided weight advantage over their faster opponents.

Geelong won the toss and kicked with a goal that was said to be worth five or six players. Despite this advantage for their hosts Melbourne defended stoutly for 45 minutes before Geelong finally broke through to score first, a kick luckily rolling through an undefended goal after a scrimmage.

On the change of ends Melbourne equalised through Stodart, and with the wind having dropped they had several good attacking chances before Geelong took the lead back again. Colles hit back for Melbourne with approximately 35 minutes left, and though both teams had chances in the remaining minutes the visitors managed to defend into the wind until the agreed end time came and the match ended in a draw.

Best were Harrison, Carr and Bell.

Geelong Advertiser - 06/09/1869
Leader - 11/09/1869

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