Round 2 1980

Round 2, 1980
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Monday 7 April
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 28,802

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 24 points

Goalkickers: Robert Walters 7, Tony Elshaug 4, Michael Byrne 2, Russell Rowe 2, Carl Ditterich 1, Robert Flower 1, Graham Gaunt 1, Gerard Healy 1, Bill Nettlefold 1, Greg Wells 1, Maurice Wingate 1


Forced to confront the side that had slaughtered them by a record margin on the same ground in their last meeting, the Demons were shock victors over the fancied Lions. 11 minutes into the third quarter, and again three minutes into the last the Roys grabbed the lead but they couldn't hold the Demons back.

Flower, Fowler and Wells were well held but Rowe, Elshaug and R. Elliott stepped up and helped their side over the line. Elshaug was especially impressive, beating the celebrated Gary Wilson, as was Walters who contributed seven goals, including two in the last quarter.

Another point would have put them on top of the ladder that night, but it still represented the club's best start since 1975.

Melbourne 19.13.127 d. Fitzroy 10.12.72
Goals - Coles 5, Hunnibell 3, Maynard 3, Smith 3, Battiston 1, Bunn 1, Martyn 1, O'Sullivan 1, Seddon 1
Best - Smith, Coles, Whitford

Under 19s (played Saturday 5 April)
Melbourne 16.25.121 d. Fitzroy 17.17.119
Goals - Osurak 4, Tolan 3, Boyle 2, Tossol 2, Ellingworth 1, Ford 1, Todd 1, Walters 1, Whitworth 1
Best - Todd, Tossol, O'Brien

Age - 08/04/1980
Canberra Times - 08/04/1980
Football Record R3 1980

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