2021 AFLW Round 9

AFLW Round 9, 2021
Melbourne vs Brisbane Lions
Saturday 27 March
Venue: Casey Fields
Attendance: 743

Melbourne1.1 3.1 4.1 6.2.38
Brisbane Lions 1.0 5.0
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 2 points

Goalkickers: Shelley Scott 3, Alyssa Bannan 1, Tyla Hanks 1, Paxy Paxman 1

AFLW B&F votes
3 - Eden Zanker
2 - Shelley Scott

Coaches votes:
8 - Eden Zanker
7 - Shelley Scott
1 - Shelley Heath


Having already qualified for the finals due to their win a week earlier, Melbourne's fourth straight win confirmed that they would play at home in the first week of the post-season.

There were doubts the game would be played until the morning due to a COVID-19 outbreak in Brisbane. The Lions players were not cleared to participate until tests returned negative on the day.

The Lions were as much as 16 points in front in the second quarter before Melbourne launched a comeback. They were still 11 down at the last change but Brisbane failed to score again from midway through the third term and were overrun. In a desperate finish, a last minute free kick left Lion Greta Bodey kicking to win the game after the siren. Her shot fell short and the Demons won.

Best were Scott, Zanker and Mithen. Daisy Pearce injured her knee.

After The Siren
Scoreless fourth quarters

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