Round 4 1956

Round 4, 1956
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 5 May
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 23,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 19 points

Goalkickers: Ian Ridley 3, Robert B Johnson 2, Ron Barassi 1, Peter Cook 1, Brian Dixon 1, Laurie Mithen 1, Athol Webb 1

First Game
Peter Cook (and first goal)
Jim Sandral

The match was originally scheduled to be played at the MCG, but with the ground unavailable due to preparations for the Olympics it was agreed to swap the match with the later fixture set down for Brunswick Street.

Neither club was happy about the arrangement, with Fitzroy officials claiming that the match should have been switched to their ground and that they were losing 250p by having it played at Richmond. Melbourne missed out on the larger gate that having the return fixture at the MCG would have given them.

Forced into a home game at the next nearest ground - and yet again they managed to extended their winning streak dating back to July 1955 without truly impressing.

With two first gamers in the side, the first changes they made all season, the Demons held Fitzroy at arm's length all day until the Maroons made a charge in the last quarter. They got to within two goals, but Melbourne were able to draw away again without being penalised for shocking inaccuracy when kicking for goal. Their defence had saved them several times during the day - especially John Beckwith and Keith Carroll.

Best were Beckwith, Carroll and Barassi. Ridley suffered a bruised shoulder.

Norm Smith said "It was not a game we could be pleased with, but still we were able to rise at the finish. Fitzroy is a tough team and we were not at our best. They kept going all day and we were never able to relax. We were also hampered by our many behinds and the fact that some of our players still have to reach top form."


Melbourne 12.10 d. Fitzroy 10.17
Goals - Tossol 3, Crameri 3, Longney 3, Kerr 2, Germaine 1
Best - Collopy, Jones, Hayes

Fitzroy 13.19 d. Melbourne 0.5

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Argus - 07/05/1956
Age - 07/05/1956
Argus - 07/05/1956
Football Record R5 1956

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