Round 12 1986

Round 12, 1986
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 14 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 19,032

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 9 points

Goalkickers: Greg Healy 5, John Fidge 4, Rod Grinter 2, Danny Hughes 2, Alan Jarrott 2, David Cordner 1, Russell Richards 1

Brownlow Votes:
2 - Rod Grinter

Last Game
Jeremy Nichols

11 more scoring shots for the Demons told one story about that particular Saturday afternoon at the 'G, but unfortunately the scoreboard told another. Richmond's accuracy had delivered them a victory that they perhaps shouldn't have had.

Having kicked just 21 goals in the past three weeks, Melbourne found themselves with a wealth of chances early but failed to make them pay. Domination in the midfield early didn't pay off despite the best on ground performance of Greg Healy with 30 touches and five goals. His fifth goal put Melbourne in front midway through the last quarter, but six minutes later the Tigers were back in front and went on to win.

John Northey said: "A lot of people will just walk away and say what a great effort. Well, maybe it was, but Christ we should never have lost that game, and while supporters may be pleased, that's exactly what we are trying to get away from. I don't think in our team we have enough who care about winning at the crucial time".

Best were Healy, Grinter and Jarrott. Paul Payne bruised his shoulder.

The loss dropped the Demons to 11th, above only the 0-12 Saints.


Melbourne 26.13.169 d. Richmond 12.9.81
Goals - T. Fidge 5, Giles 4, Jackson 4, Sparks 4, O'Sullivan 3, Bailey 2, Connolly 2, F. Rugolo 1, Wilson 1
Best - Lovett, Jackson, Connolly

Under 19s
Melbourne 35.20.230 d. Richmond 13.6.84
Goals - Stoney 9, Taglieri 5, Hannant 4, Lawrence 4, Miller 3, McCarthy 2, Allardice 1, Brodie 1, Dann 1, Hewitson 1, Lovett 1, Westmore 1, Aitken 1, Duursma 1
Best - Kiley, Taglieri, Lawrence

Canberra Times - 15/06/1986
Age - 16/06/1986
Football Record R13 1986

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