Semi Final 1937

Semi Final, 1937
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 11 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 47,730

Match Statistics

Geelong win by 12 points

Goalkickers: Percy Beames 4, Jack Mueller 4, Ron Baggott 2, Norm Smith 2, Allan La Fontaine 1, John Lewis 1, Lou Reiffel 1, Keith Truscott 1


Despite drizzling rain before the match, the two sides played what was then the highest scoring final in VFL history. In the end, the visitors, who had finished above Melbourne only on percentage, barely come out on top. They started well before Melbourne struck back with a burst of 6.2 in the second quarter, but Geelong steadied to take a handy lead into the second half. They withstood Melbourne's physical tactics in an often rough game and came out on top, kicking two goals after defenders played the man rather than the ball in marking contests.

The high scoring was helped by the surprise move of Jack Mueller to a forward pocket. He'd been named at centre half-back, but switched positions before the first bounce. Mueller's goals were handy, but his absence in defence left the Demons vulnerable, especially as Geelong had been tipped off about the move in advance. Geelong made use of the change, generating several goals on the counter after stopping Melbourne attacks. Mueller and Beames kicked goals to keep their side in the game but Geelong was on top. Several Melbourne players seemed nervous, and Geelong were left 19 points in front at the first change.

Melbourne missed an easy chance through Reiffel at the start of the second, and Geelong responded with a goal. Three goals in as many minutes got the Demons back into it, and Geelong looked rattled for the first time all day. Mueller remained busy up front, both converting and missing chances, as well as setting up teammates for goals that temporarily put his side ahead. It didn't last, and Geelong recovered to an eight point lead at the long break.

After a first half where the two sides had played the match as if it was in dry weather, the third quarter saw the scoring slow down after the Pivot booted three goals to one to open the term. While the ball was stuck at the other end, Mueller was kept out of the play for 20 minutes. He got back into the game with a run on the ball, racing into the packs and using his weight. It was only a cameo, he was sent back into attack for the last quarter.

The Demons were missing Ray Wartman, Maurie Gibb, Lou Reiffel, Frank Roberts and Bert Chandler through injury and they couldn't bridge the gap in a last term when both teams booted six goals. Jack Metherall was Geelong's match-winner, kicking eight for the day. He broke free of Gordon Ogden with a then unusual tactic of staying on the move, running all over the goal front to keep Ogden on his toes. He was kept to one goal in the first quarter before taking control.

The visitors got the vital first goal of the last term, before two quick Geelong goals snuffed out their challenge. By now the Demons were playing nervously and were committing regular errors.

As spite crept into the game, with elbows used indiscriminately in packs, Melbourne had their last roll of the dice after La Fontaine went forward. Smith got a goal, but several other attacks were defused before two quick Geelong goals made sure of victory.

Best were Buckley, Mueller and Baggott. 19th man Truscott replaced Reiffel, who injured his face running into the goalpost at the start of the last quarter.

Richmond provided support for their neighbours, sending two training staff, a property steward and a doorman to assist.

Mueller 4.4, Baggott 2.2, Smith 2.2, Beames 1.0, La Fontaine 1.1, Lewis 1.0, Reiffel 1.2, Truscott 1.0, Buckley 0.1, Murnane 0.4, Rushed 0.1

Weekly Times says Reiffel didn't play after half time due to a shoulder injury from a collision.

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Football Record - 1937 Finals

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