Round 6 1971

Round 6, 1971
Melbourne vs Collingwood
Saturday 8 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 80,231

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 55 points

Goalkickers: Lloyd Burgmann 5, John Gallus 2, Stan Alves 1, Paul Callery 1, Russell Colcott 1

Last Game
Russell Colcott

After five straight wins to the start the season the Demons were always going to be tested against a Collingwood side also vying for the top, and they failed the test - continuing a long run of outs against the Magpies.

With their wins up to that point built on rapid handball and "rugby style movements" towards the goal, Collingwood applied the pressure and the handball game crumbled along with the much vaunted centre and half-back lines. Gary Hardeman was the only backman to emerge with any credit.

Melbourne's prospects looked good after a goal in the first 30 seconds but it was a smokescreen and by quarter time Pie spearhead Peter McKenna had racked up four goals on route to ten for the game. He had seven at half-time but a clash with full-back Ray Biffin seemed to shake his confidence and he only managed three in the second half.

Lloyd Burgmann kicked 5.6 for the game and was one of the Demons only wins for the day along with with Gary Hardeman.

Percy Beames writing in the Melbourne Age said "The Magpies won because they had more of everything needed for success - size, marking ability, better players, combined skill" and said that their "handball made Melbourne look second rate".

Coach Ian Ridley said he had discovered that Melbourne weren't a top side. He said "but we are a good side, and it is a matter now for us to come back and improve".

Best were Hardeman, Burgmann and Gallus. Weeks and Sinclair were replaced by Walker and Lakes in the last quarter. John Townsend suffered a cut foot when he stepped on a broken bottle in the showers after the game.

10 goals

Melbourne 21.10 d. Collingwood 17.14
Goals - Carr 11, McSpeerin 3, Honey 2, H. Ritterman 2, Lawrie 1, Cunningham 1, Osborne 1
Best - Carr, McSpeerin, Brown

Under 19s
Melbourne 12.10 defeated Collingwood 10.15
Goals - Smith 4, Brewer 2, Taylor 2, King 1, McGuinness 1, McQueen 1, Tesoriero 1
Best - Williamson, Queay, McGuinness

Age - 10/05/1971
Football Record R7 1971
Age - 12/05/1971

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