2016 NAB Challenge Match vs Port Adelaide

NAB Challenge Match 1, 2016
Port Adelaide vs Melbourne
Saturday 27 February
Venue: Elizabeth
Attendance: 4981

Port Adelaide1.

Melbourne win by 19 points

Goalkickers: Jeff Garlett 3, Dean Kent 2, Aaron vandenBerg 2, Cameron Pedersen 2, Christian Salem 1, Ben Kennedy 1, Matt Jones 1, Jesse Hogan 1, James Harmes 1, Dom Tyson 1

Melbourne's season got off to a nightmare start, with Angus Brayshaw suffering a knee injury at the first contest of the game. Shortly after Dom Tyson was felled with a stray elbow, but while Tyson returned to the game Brayshaw missed the remainder of the pre-season.

On a large ground Port made use of the space to run up an early lead, getting more than five goals in front before Melbourne began to mount a comeback. The Demons made their move in the third quarter, kicking 6.2 to nothing. Port were unlucky, a last minute shot on goal counted for nothing when the player played-on and was beaten by the siren.

Port got the first goal of the last quarter but Melbourne hung on to win in their first game of the season.

Best were Gawn, Viney and vandenBerg

1. Jesse Hogan, 3. Christian Salem, 4. Jack Watts, 7. Jack Viney, 10. Angus Brayshaw, 11. Max Gawn, 12. Dom Tyson, 13. Clayton Oliver, 14. Lynden Dunn, 15. Billy Stretch, 16. Dean Kent, 17. Sam Frost, 20. Colin Garland, 21. Cameron Pedersen, 25. Tom McDonald, 28. Oscar McDonald, 29. Jayden Hunt, 31. Jack Grimes, 32. Tomas Bugg, 35. Ben Kennedy, 36. Jeff Garlett, 37. Aaron vandenBerg, 39. Neville Jetta, 42. Josh Wagner, 43. James Harmes, 45. Matt Jones

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