Round 5 1942

Round 5, 1942
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 6 June
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 5500

South Melbourne7.311.618.823.10.148
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 33 points

Goalkickers: Percy Beames 4, Adrian Dullard 4, Jack Mueller 2, Ron Baggott 1, Richie Emselle 1, Fred Fanning 1, Tom Ferguson 1, Arthur Franklin 1, Alby Rodda 1

Last MFC Game
Jack O'Keefe

First Goal
Tom Ferguson (3rd game)
Arthur Franklin (2nd game)

Melbourne had broken their duck for season 1942 a week earlier against the undermanned Hawthorn, but against one of the competition's better sides their lack of experience in defence showed and they were taken for another huge score.

In stark contrast to Hawthorn, who had lost so many players due to the war, South had benefited by signing Geelong's Lindsay White while his side was unable to play and he was the main destroyer with 12 goals. South's speedy and skilful centre line provided the supply for White, while Melbourne's young talls were unable to have a major impact.

Melbourne had their chances, but they were inaccurate and hurried in their forward play which let the Swans off lightly time after time. They open the third quarter well, and got back to within eight points during the third quarter

They played quality football at times but weren't able to maintain it for four quarters, and their inaccuracy compared to White's lethal kicking for goal meant that they were still comfortably beaten despite having more scoring shots. South were forced to play short for the last five minutes of the game due to a pair of injuries in quick succession, but already had the game won.

La Fontaine, Beames and Baggott were best in Melbourne's first loss to South for six years. Alby Rodda injured his shoulder.

St Kilda 14.19 d. Melbourne 7.7

10 goals

Record shows White kicking 11.1.

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