Round 22 1980

Round 22, 1980
Melbourne vs Collingwood
Saturday, 30 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 52,791

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 58 points

Goalkickers: Kelly O'Donnell 3, Michael Byrne 1, Brent Crosswell 1, Tony Elshaug 1, Robert Flower 1, Andrew Moir 1, Steven Smith 1

Last Game as Player/Coach
Carl Ditterich

Having announced his resignation as coach, and retirement from football, during the week Carl Ditterich was the focus of an otherwise meaningless end of season match. Before the match he was presented with a silver goblet by chief executive Dick Seddon and ran a lap of the ground alongside Ray Shaw and Robbie Flower. There had been some doubt about him playing due to a troublesome knee injury, but he was never going to miss in a match that meant nothing in the long run.

Ditterich played a great first quarter, but after he was reported for the 18th time in 18 seasons for striking Magpie Kevin Morris he started to lose influence on the game. A dislocated right elbow in the third quarter caused him to miss most of the term, but he returned for one last stanza.

Big Carl's teammates took their leader's philosophy to heart one last time as they set about beating their opponents into submission. Unfortunately for the Demons even with Ray Shaw, Peter Moore and Bill Picken all felled the Magpies kept playing a superior brand of football.

Highlights of a non-physical nature were few and far between for Melbourne, but Stephen Downes writing in the Age found beauty in a passage of play involving Robbie Flower,

He pirouetted past a Magpie defender at a speed that would have dizzied Nureyev and goaled. He took a great climbing mark - the best all day - and squeezed the hearts of a members' wives as he dodged a million traps on the toff's flank

Best were Flower, Nettlefold and Clayton.

And thus the Ditterich era ended, with a bang on the field and a dislocated elbow but with a whimper on the scoreboard. He was cleared at the tribunal. Jim Durnan was also reported for striking Peter Moore with both fists to the head and suspended for four matches.

The committee would then turn to landing the one man who they believed could return to Melbourne and deliver a return of the glory days of the 1950's. Just over a month later they sealed the deal.


Collingwood 19.15.129 d. Melbourne 11.14.80
Goals - Bunn 2, Dickson 2, Gaunt 2, Buntz 1, Czarnecki 1, O'Dwyer 1, Seaton 1, Sier 1
Best - Hunnibell, Wingate, Hamilton

Under 19's
Melbourne 21.9.135 d. Collingwood 17.10.112


"Carl couldn't resist a final curtain call" The Age - 01/09/1980
"Demon's first gets him four" - The Age 02/09/1980
"Exit Carl - as the good guy" - The Age 02/09/1980
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