Round 14 1976

Round 14, 1976
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 3 July
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 24,366

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 57 points

Goalkickers: Ray Biffin 2, Ross Brewer 1, Henry Coles 1, Allan Davis 1, Craig McKellar 1


Statistical categories led:
Biggest loss with more scoring shots

In windy conditions the Demons put in their most inaccurate performance ever against the Blues and the loss continued to destroy any hopes they would have of playing in September.

With Alex Jesaulenko dominant for the Blues, kicking two goals in the first seven minutes, Bob Skilton was forced to switch Tony Sullivan onto the Carlton champion to try and curb him.

At the other end the Demons had no answers and when Stephen Smith limped off with a hamstring injury at the start of the second quarter their fate was sealed.

The loss gave Melbourne the worst record of any side at VFL Park.

Best were Coles, Wells and McKellar. Steven Smith (hamstring) was replaced by Johnston in the second quarter and Guy by Hurst in the last quarter.

Carlton 15.12.102 d. Melbourne 10.15.75
Goals - Caddaye 3, Fergus 3, Davidson 2, Cortese 1, Thorne 1
Best - Giulieri, Woods, Davidson

Under 19s
Melbourne 15.13.103 d. Carlton 9.13.70
Goals - Freeman 3, Walley 3, Woodman 3, Campbell 2, Goss 1, Graham 1, Kelly 1, Walters 1
Best - O'Keefe, Campbell, Hutchison

Age - 05/07/1976
Football Record R15 1976

Blueseum match report

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