Round 13 1982

Round 13, 1982
Melbourne vs Geelong
Saturday 19 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 23,365

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 64 points

Goalkickers: Gerard Healy 4, Brian Wilson 4, Adrian Battiston 3, Mark Jackson 3, Michael Seddon 2, Chris Connolly 1, Robert Flower 1, Stephen Icke 1, Alan Johnson 1, Michael O'Sullivan 1

First Game
Chris Connolly
Ted Fidge
Stuart McKenzie

First Goal
Chris Connolly

Another day another false dawn for the Demons. A seven goal to one first quarter set up a thumping win which made it seem possible that the famous 'five year plan' of Ron Barassi might come to fruition quicker than 1985. It had been especially heartening that the side contained three debutantes.

The Cats had romped to a 92 point victory at Kardinia Park earlier in the season but had lost their way in the interim, and by five minutes into the second term the margin was ten goals and the fans could scarcely believe it. Geelong were down on their luck but had played in the last two preliminary finals and were still one of the league's perennial contenders.

The fans who had mercilessly booed the side a few weeks ago treated them like rockstars as they cut the visitors to ribbons. The rooms after the match were packed with jubilant supporters treating the result like the opening salvo of the second coming.

Stephen Icke had been one of his side's best but couldn't remember much of it after the match after being knocked cold in a legal bump by Cat Paul Jeffreys. When he came to in the rooms after the match the first question has asked was "did we win?"

Very few Demons failed to have an impact, Wilson and Johnson joined Icke amongst the best. Shane Zantuck was reported for striking Rod Waddell with left and right fists to the head during the second quarter. Both he and the played he was accused of striking during the incident were suspended for two matches despite claiming that neither had landed a blow.

A number of players suffered injuries, including Icke (concussion), Smith (ankle), Zantuck (cut eye-brow, bruised cheek), Giles (knee) and Dickson (cork thigh).

Geelong 27.26.188 d. Melbourne 5.8.38
Goals - Catoggio 1, Cordner 1, O'Donnell 1, J. Tossol 1, P. Tossol 1
Best - P. Tossol, Hutchison

Under 19's
Geelong 14.20.104 d. Melbourne 9.18.72
Goals - Clarkson 3, Bamblett 2, Bailey 1, Hutchinson 1, Reynolds 1, Rugolo 1
Best - Bamblett


"Demons born again devils" - The Age 21/06/1982
"Demon, cat outed for 2" - The Age 22/06/1982
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