Round 11 1984

Round 11, 1984
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 June
Venue: Moorabbin
Attendance: 20,080

St. Kilda3.34.68.1013.13.91
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 36 points

Goalkickers: David Cordner 5, Gerard Healy 3, Greg Healy 3, Kelvin Templeton 3, John Fidge 2, Bret Bailey 1, Kelly O'Donnell 1, Peter Tossol 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - David Cordner
2 - Peter Moore
1 - Gerard Healy

Last Game
Kelly O'Donnell

The Demon revival continue with a win against the Saints at Moorabbin, a result which sent St Kilda back to their familiar spot at the bottom of the ladder. It left Melbourne a game out of fifth but with a better percentage than any side up to second.

The Saints were depleted by injury, but it was still a more forceful and strong outfit that beat them. A tight first quarter gave way to Melbourne running riot in the second and the 20,000 in attendance - a majority of the red, white and black persuasion - could only sit back and watch their boys suffer another loss.

After knocking off big guns Richmond the week before Melbourne started red hot favourites but struggled to get way until the Healy brothers booted five goals between them in the third term. Gerard had two when Greg snagged another three in six minutes to give his side the ascendancy.

The margin blew out to 51 points at the last change before a belated Saints comeback made the score more respectable.

Best were Gerard Healy, Greg Healy and Peter Moore. Healy was also reported for striking St. Kilda's Phil Cronan with a right fist to the face in the second quarter but cleared. Peter Moore suffered a burst blood vessel in his leg, Robert Flower an eye injury, Fidge a bruised leg. Jarrott (back) was replaced by Wright in the selected side.

Despite the win Ron Barassi wasn't happy saying, the Demons were "33 percent down on the previous week" and that they would have to keep their minds on the job if they were going to stay in the race for the five.

Melbourne 31.16.202 d. St Kilda 14.12.96
Goals - Reynolds 7, Tanner 4, Connolly 4, Kol 3, Howard 3, Richards 3, Holden 2, Hughes 2, Dickson 2, Hutchison 1
Best - Connolly, Dickson, Hughes

Under 19s
St Kilda 17.10.112 d. Melbourne 12.20.92
Goals - Payne 3, Nichols 2, Hannant 1, Newport 1, Mazurek 1, McLean 1, Cheung 1, Waldron 1, Paul McCarty 1
Best - Paul McCarty, King, Bourke

Ray Jordon was absent from the Under 19s team due to Teal Cup coaching commitments. There is no record of the fill-in coach.



Canberra Times - 10/06/1984
Age - 11/06/1984
Age - 15/06/1984
Football Record R12 1984

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