Round 15 1977

Round 15, 1977
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 9 July
Venue: Arden Street
Attendance: 11,253

North Melbourne5.510.815.1418.19.127
Match Statistics

North Melbourne win by 51 points

Goalkickers: Ross Brewer 2, Ted Carroll 1, Henry Coles 1, Daryl Cumming 1, Shane Fitzsimmons 1, Robert Flower 1, Gary Hardeman 1, Steven Smith 1, Greg Wells 1, Chris Woodman 1


In the finals race up to their necks North laboured to a tedious victory against a massively overmatched Demon side who were playing for nothing more than the chance to avoid the wooden spoon.

Starting the last quarter 53 points ahead North, and some curious umpiring, let the Demons kick four token goals in the first 13 minutes of the last quarter to make the game slightly interesting before the Roos hit back and extended the margin back to nearly what it had been at the first bounce of the term.

Future Demon Brent Crosswell was the one lively spot on the day, kicking five goals and brawling with Adrian Dullard and Laurie Fowler.

Best were Flower, Dullard and Sullivan

North Melbourne 18.23.131 d. Melbourne 15.13.103
Goals - Alves 3, Baldwin 3, Flower 3, Johnston 2, Tippett 2, Thomson 1, Walters 1
Best - Wingate, Keays, Alves

Under 19's
North Melbourne 17.18.120 d. Melbourne 12.11.83
Goals - Keane 3, Thorne 3, Moir 2, Boccabella 1, Campbell 1, Oliver 1, Zubin 1
Best - Moir, Richards, Thompson

"Brent the bright spot in a dull day" - The Age 11/07/1977
Football Record R16 1977

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