1860 September Match vs Geelong

Saturday 1 September - Geelong

Geelong 0
Melbourne 0

Match drawn

It was agreed that the match on a paddock near the Argyle Hotel would be played 25-a-side, but while the locals had their full complement of players Melbourne could only muster 20.

The visitors won the toss and made Geelong kick uphill. In the first game in Geelong played with an oval ball the clubs played for three hours without a score, with Geelong defending stoutly for much of the day. Busevi almost kicked the winning goal but narrowly missed.

Melbourne were captained by Hammersley. Best were Smith, Harrison and Hammersley.

Selected side
Armitage, Amsinck, Busevi, Baker, Bruce, Byrne, J. Baker, A. Bruce, Cobb, Elliott, Freame, Harrison, Hammersley, Hurst, Ireland, Kenworthy, Lightfoot, Morrison, McCrae, Macintosh, Montgomery, May, O'Mullane, Petrie, Shiels, Stypmann, Smith, Shoesmith, JB Thompson, W Thompson, Russell, Wardill, HR Woolley, S Woolley.

Some sources say Melbourne drew on several Richmond players for the match, and that the five player advantage was a deliberate move rather than a result of Melbourne's inability to field a full side.

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Geelong Advertiser - 03/09/1860
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