Round 11 1970

Round 11, 1970
Carlton vs Melbourne
Monday 15 June
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 19,484

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 85 points

Goalkickers: Ross Dillon 3, Barry Bourke 1, Ray Carr 1, Denis Clark 1, Greg Parke 1, Peter Sinclair 1, Greg Wells 1

50 Games
Max Walker

Statistical categories led:
Equal biggest loss in Round 11

A season that had started with such promise with two wins, and four in the first six games, reached a new low when thrashed by Ron Barassi and the Blues for their fifth straight loss.

John Beckwith shuffled his team to try and arrest their decline but it had no effect when they were more than five goals down at the long break.

The loss left the Demons two games and a substantial percentage gap outside of the four, and just one game off the bottom. It was the highest score they had ever conceded to the Blues.

Best were Davis, Hardeman and Alves. Townsend was replaced by Wells in the third quarter and Rowlands by Leary in the last quarter.

Graham Molloy was reported for striking and suspended for two matches.

Melbourne 18.17 d. Carlton 10.10
Goals - Callery 4, Colcott 4, Keenan 2, McKenzie 2, K. Clarke 2, Etheridge 2, Biffin 1, Jennings 1
Best - Callery, Colcott, McKenzie

Under 19s
Melbourne 15.7 d. Carlton 7.7
Goals - Williamson 5, Dilnot 2, Roberts 2, Stephenson 2, Conley 1, Etheredge 1, Glazner 1, Taylor 1
Best - Williamson, Aubrey, Glazner


Age - 15/06/1970
Football Record R12 1970

Blueseum match report

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