Round 1 1985

Round 1, 1985
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Saturday 30 March
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 20,923

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 26 points

Goalkickers: David Cordner 7, Brian Wilson 6, Russell Richards 3, Adrian Battiston 1, Gerard Healy 1, Peter Moore 1, Michael O'Sullivan 1

First Game
Robin White

200 Games
Steven Smith

The first half was reasonably even on the scoresheet, but the match itself told a different story with the Demons dominating all over the field.

After numerous Round 1 victories which eventually led nowhere many Melbourne fans were keeping a lid on things, but the changerooms were still packed with celebrities celebrating and dissecting the match.

David Cordner and Brian Wilson dominated the forward line with seven and six goals respectively.

The Demons used strong tactics to put Fitzroy off their game. It partially backfired when best-on-ground Peter Moore was reported for striking, the first charge he'd ever faced. Peter Giles was also booked, for striking Gary Pert. Moore escaped with a severe reprimand due to his good record. Giles was outed for one game. Ron Barassi was fined $2000 for commenting on the cases before they were heard, suggesting he'd be amazed if either player was rubbed out.

Barassi said "It's nice to be able to laugh after a game. All of Melbourne stood up today and were counted".

Robert Walls, on the other hand, was furious that Michael O'Sullivan was able to kick a goal after the final siren to an empty square after his players had walked off.

Best were Moore, Icke and Withers. Frank Rugolo broke his left arm in the same place for the second time in two years and missed the rest of the season.


Melbourne 27.12.174 d. Fitzroy 16.15.111
Goals - Armstrong 5, Grinter 5, Ward 4, Matthews 3, Hutchison 2, Howard 2, Wight 2, Hutchinson 1, Nichols 1, Newport 1, McLean 1
Best - Armstrong, McLean, Rugolo

Under 19s
Melbourne 24.16.160 d. Fitzroy 20.22.142
Goals - Marra 6, Stynes 4, Dann 3, Lawrence 3, McCaulay 2, Lyons 2, Tschapellar 1, O'Dwyer 1, Lane 1, Edwards 1
Best - O'Dwyer, Stynes, Marra


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