Round 6 1996

Round 6, 1996
Melbourne vs West Coast
Saturday 4 May
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 8,747

West Coast5.69.914.1024.12.156
Match Statistics

West Coast win by 106 points

Goalkickers: Craig Nettelbeck 2, Shaun Smith 2, Alastair Clarkson 1, David Neitz 1, Jim Stynes 1

Brownlow Votes:

Last Game
Paul Prymke

50 Games
Craig Nettelbeck (also with Sydney)

Statistical categories led:
Biggest loss at Princes Park
Biggest loss in Round 6

Melbourne's biggest ever loss at Princes Park remained their biggest loss against the Eagles until Round 2, 2012 and came off the back of a last quarter capitulation where they shut up shop in front of the tiny Princes Park crowd and allowed the visitors to boot 10 of the last 11 goals snap a four game losing streak and register their then highest score against Melbourne.

Midway through the first quarter the Demons led by seven points, but their fight had disappeared by midway through the second quarter. They didn't kick a goal from the five minute mark of the second term until 17 minutes into the third, while conceding six at the other end. The margin was 52 at the last change and more than doubled by the final siren.

Neil Balme said his players "Really let themselves down, they let their teammates down, and all the supporters down." He called the result "pretty dismal". Asked to compare it to the thumping from Geelong in Round 1, the coach said "It's like asking a bloke if he's died twice, was it worse than the other time? It's hard to compare."

Best were Hopgood and Turley.

Melbourne 11.18.84 d. Collingwood 8.17.65
Goals - Guest 4, D. Yze 4, Bradly 2, Corrigan 1
Best - McDonald, McHardy, Lamprill

100 point losses

Age gives the attendance as 8703

Football Record R7 1996
Age - 05/05/1996
Age - 06/05/1996

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