Round 15 2002

Round 15, 2002
Carlton vs Melbourne
Sunday 14 June
Venue: Docklands
Attendance: 37,915

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 44 points

Goalkickers: David Neitz 9, Peter Vardy 4, Russell Robertson 3, Peter Walsh 2, Chris Lamb 1, Paul Wheatley 1, Shane Woewodin 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - David Neitz
2 - Adem Yze
1 - Clint Bizzell

First Goal
Chris Lamb (9th game)

Teetering on the edge of the top eight after their upset victory against Brisbane in Round 14, the Demons travelled to Colonial Stadium to play an away game against Carlton - part of the deal that the Blues had done which forced Melbourne to play two financially disastrous home games at Optus Oval earlier in the year.

Ryan Houlihan booted the first goal of the match, and Fevola added another to give the Blues an early lead but four in a row from Melbourne gave them a handy lead. Then Carlton struck again and by quarter time both team had booted six goals in a shootout under the Docklands roof.

Seven goals to nil in the second quarter opened up a 44 point break at half-time and the game was all but over.

David Neitz was simply dominant against the crumbling Blues. 9.2 equalled his career best, and with Peter Vardy and Russell Robertson chipping in with four and three goals respectively the Demons simply had too much firepower for their struggling opponents.

Best were Neitz, Yze and Leoncelli. Neale Daniher said "I think we had to back up. If we didn't, and we got rolled today, it would've left a few question marks about where we were at - you know, up and down. But three out of the last four and we were coming pretty strong against the Bombers, so our form in the last month has been fairly solid."

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Age - 15/07/2002

Blueseum match report

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