Round 11 1919

Round 11, 1919
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 19 July
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: Unknown

South Melbourne2.36.79.1013.16.94
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 67 points

Goalkickers: Herb Matthews 1, Lou Salvana 1

Last Game
John McMahon

Last MFC Game
Matt Connors

First Goal
Lou Salvana (3rd game)

Already winless for the year Melbourne's woes were compounded by South unveiling ex-Fuschia champion Harry Brereton for his first game since the start of World War I and he added insult to injury by helping himself to six goals.

Melbourne would have loved dearly to be able to name the man who kicked 187 goals for them in 85 games, but he lined up on the other side and cut his former teammates - those that were left from before the war - to shreds.

Their forwards had chances but failed to take them, and all the good work being done around the ground - especially by the defence - was undone by poor attacking play. Despite the game defending by the backs South opened up a five goal lead at half time and the match was over.

Best were Little, McKenzie and Walker.

In the Football Record it says that Leo Little played in the number of Matt Connors but official AFL stats show them both playing.

The Record also claims McMahon was playing his first game while all other records show it as his third and last.

Football Record 1919

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