Round 11 1910

Round 11, 1910
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 9 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 6815

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 53 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 1, Stan Fairbairn 1, Otto Landmann 1, Herbert Rodd 1

MFC Debut
Otto Landmann

Statistical categories led:
Lowest score against Richmond

After putting up a good fight against Geelong the previous Saturday, Melbourne were expected to again give their fans a reasonable performance but failed miserably. They barely looked like a senior club, with players wandering around wherever they wanted to go on the field and totally neglecting their system.

Given the disorganisation of their opponents Richmond had an easy tasks in winning comfortably, and had time to experiment with 'tricky' play that they wouldn't have dared attempted against the better sides in the competition.

The game was over by quarter time, Richmond got the first goal not long after the start and immediately took advantage of the listless Melbourne defenders. The Reds were three goals down before Melbourne got their first behind of the game, and were five down when Coutie snapped their first of the game.

Each team kicked two goals in the second quarter, but while the match was more even it was hardly good football. Landmann, recently recruited from Essendon, got a goal on debut in the third but Richmond were running away with the game. The visitors registered four goals to none in the final term.

Best were Harris, McKenzie and Hendrie. The loss left Melbourne second last, above only the winless St Kilda.

Argus - 11/07/1910
Punch - 14/07/1910
Victorian Football Follower - Issue 14

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