July 1892 match vs South Melbourne

Saturday 23 July - South Melbourne Cricket Ground
Crowd - 6000

South Melbourne 1.4, 3.8, 3.10, 5.12
Melbourne 1.0, 1.1, 1.3, 3.3

South Melbourne win by 2 goals

Goalkickers: Ernest Howes 1, David Christy 1, Harry Graham 1

Even though rain had fallen the two sides still found the turf in decent condition for the match, and the largest crowd of the day still attended.

Those who braved the weather didn't see a high quality game and though they were favourites, Melbourne were easily beaten after quarter time. South got the first of the game and should have had another almost immediately after but missed an easy shot, but Melbourne had their chances early on. At one point Christie, Kelly, J. Graham and O'Loughlin carried the ball from one end to the other without the home side touching it but failed to score a major.

The visitors were also unlucky, at one point Harry Graham marked in front of goal but the umpire missed his opponent plucking the ball out of his hands but from one of the few chances they had Howes goalled and the match went into quarter time level at a goal apiece.

From there South took over, they got the second goal immeditaely and followed with another one not long after. The chances Melbourne did have they botched horribly, and they spent much of the second quarter running into each other rather than South players.

On the start of the second half the Reds did show some spirit, and H. Graham had two shots on goal which fell short of distance. He had another one marked on the line. Though they couldn't score the visitors held South out until the early stages of the last quarter when they conceded their fourth - and a fifth shortly after.

Melbourne got two consolation goals but they'd left themselves too much to be done. The first came from Christie, who then blotted his copybook by throwing South's W. Windley savagely to the turf.

Best were O'Dea, Moore and Fry.

Aitken, Eddie Fox, Harry Graham, J. Graham, Alf Healing, Hallett, Austin Lewis, Lew Massey, McRaile, O'Loughlin, Strong, Slattery, Wilson, David Christy, Herbert Fry, Gaunt, Howes, Kelly, Jack Lorraine, McKenzie, Moore, Patrick O'Dea

Argus - 23/07/1892
Argus - 25/07/1892
Sportsman - 26/07/1892

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