August 1871 Match vs Carlton

Saturday 5 August - Royal Park

Carlton 0
Melbourne 0

Match drawn

In the biggest clash of the year both sides were missing crucial players, Jack Conway of Carlton was out with an injury that would ultimately end his career and Melbourne were missing goal sneak Carr. The Reds still had the heavier side, and for the first 30 minutes they looked like the better side.

They missed the best chances early in the game, with leading goalkicker Austin Loughnan missing shots from 10 and 20 yards out. Eventually Carlton took the advantage and played better as a team, but even with Melbourne's players often wandering from their positions the Blues couldn't convert. They too squandered a chance from directly in front.

Melbourne could have had the winner late, but just as Barker marked the ball in front of goal the umpire called time.

Best were Harrison, Freeman and Byrne.

Leader - 12/08/1871
Australasian - 12/08/1871

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