Round 5 1987

Round 5, 1987
Brisbane Bears vs Melbourne
Sunday 26 April
Venue: Carrara
Attendance: 7451

Match Statistics

Brisbane win by 5 points

Goalkickers: Doug Koop 3, Peter Moore 3, Ricky Jackson 2, Brian Wilson 2, Garry Lyon 1, Earl Spalding 1

Brownlow Votes:

Only MFC Game
Peter Kiel

Last MFC Game
David Cordner

The Demons first game against Brisbane, and first at Carrara, ended in disaster with the Bears sneaking home for their third win in the first five matches of the season.

Melbourne's cheer squad had unveiled a banner five times bigger than the home side and had a cheeky shot at "banana benders" but met their match in the Bears scoreboard which flashed up messages like "Go home Mexicans" whenever the Demons scored.

The visitors took time to get to grips with the bigger Carrara ground, but when they did their bigger bodies and aggressive play helped open up a 21 point lead with the wind. Brisbane did their bit with the aid of the breeze in the second term and kicked five goals to wind up just five points behind - they could have been in front but Jim Edmunds was judged to have had his last shot after the siren.

Most of the play in the last quarter was in the Demons attack but they were unable to capitalise. Brisbane hit the lead for the first time in the opening minute, and used their open running play to kick four goals. Peter Moore gave his side the lead back after 16 minutes, before Garry Lyon missed a chance. Brisbane then got ahead again. Melbourne could only respond with points, Adrian Battiston missed from 45 metres out in the dying minutes, and when the siren went that famous scoreboard gave them the message "thank you for coming".

After the game John Northey lamented "We should never have let the Bears in front. Stupid, silly mistakes by our players cost us dearly".

Best were Lyon, Wilson and Battiston. Rod Grinter was reported for striking Jim Edmond with a left forearm during the third quarter but cleared. Despite Edmond's broken nose the tribunal accepted Grinter's defence that it was a late spoil attempt. There were a raft of injuries, to Connolly (knee), Viney (knee), Wight (cut head), Moore (hamstring) and Turner (corked thigh). The losses of Connolly and Viney meant Moore had to return to the field despite his injury.


Hawthorn 29.21.141 d. Melbourne 16.11.107
Goals - Fidge 3, Eishold 3, Kiley 3, Campbell 2, Lamb 2, Sizer 1, Normington 1, Giles 1
Best - Eishold, Sparks, Fidge

Under 19s
Melbourne 29.15.189 d. Hawthorn 12.14.86
Goals - Varcoe 6, Healy 5, Aitken 5, Beveridge 4, Febey 2, Lane 2, Robinson 2, Howat 1, Smit 1, Martello 1
Best - Healy, Westmore, Aitken


Canberra Times show the attendance as 9500. Some sources show Peter Moore as having a back injury.

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