1965 Practice Match vs Ballarat

Saturday 27 March - Ballarat
Crowd - 3000

Melbourne 29.20.194
Ballarat 0.1.1

Melbourne won by 193 points

Goalkickers: Bryan Kenneally 6, Kerry Rattray 6, Ken Emselle 4, Ray Groom 3, Robin Andrew 3, John Townsend 2, Barrie Vagg 2, David Robbie 2, Graham Wise 1

Ballarat's lone point came with 10 minutes to go.

The players who weren't selected played in one of three intra-club games at the MCG.

Team (from)
Crompton, Roet, Robbie, Williams, Johnson, Davis, Anderson, Mann, Dixon, Kenneally, Lord, Vagg, Rattray, Townsend, Wise, Groom, Bourke, McLean, Emselle, Miller, Foster, Leitch, Andrews

Some sources show Ballarat kicking 0.2. May have been a 'thank you' game for recruiting Graham Wise.

Age - 26/03/1965
Age - 27/03/1965
Age - 29/03/1965

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