Round 17 1910

Round 17, 1910
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday, 27 August
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 65 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 1, Stan Fairbairn 1

First Game
Cecil Quinlan

Last Game
Archie Pratt

Having won a surprise victory over Essendon two weeks earlier, then narrowly losing the next game against a top side, Melbourne took on a team equal to them near the bottom of the ladder but suffered a major defeat. Fitzroy had only won one more game than Melbourne, but looked like a significantly better side in destroying the Reds by 11 goals.

The opening quarter of the game was relatively even, with Melbourne not showing any signs of the disarray that they would fall into as the match went on. They failed to kick a goal but their passing was better than at any time during the game. It took until halfway through the second quarter for Fitzroy to start kicking away, with four goals to one for the term.

The match descended into a scrap in the second half, and Fitzroy pulled away with six goals to one to close another disappointing season for Melbourne.

Best were Hendrie, Tompkins and Monk.

Victorian Football Follower - Issue 21, 1910
Argus - 29/08/1910
Punch - 01/09/1910

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