Round 11 1969

Round 11, 1969
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 21 June
Venue: Moorabbin
Attendance: 19,491

St. Kilda5.58.714.1117.18.120
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 26 points

Goalkickers: Ross Dillon 4, Russell Colcott 3, Gary Hardeman 2, George Lakes 2, Stan Alves 1, Denis Clark 1


Statistical categories led:
Most frees against in a game: Max Walker (12)

With a win in an exhibition match against the dangerous Magpies and a thumping comeback against the Bulldogs in the last fortnight, confidence was as high amongst the Demon camp as it could be for a side sitting 2-9 at the wrong end of the ladder.

They travelled to Moorabbin hoping to continue their good form, and when half time came with Melbourne nine points in front it looked as if they might be a chance to live up to the midweek hype about them "turning the corner" and playing like the great Demon sides of the past again.

It took a tactical gamble by Saints coach Allan Jeans to make the difference, he switched Cowboy Neale to full-forward, and Allan Davis to centre half-forward and saw Neale boot the first two goals of the third quarter. Melbourne rallied to be just 11 points down at the last change, but with Russell Colcott missing a sitter and Greg Parke dislocating his finger the Saints jumped in and took control.

The Demons made a complaint to the league about the lack of a phone in the visitors change rooms after secretary Jim Cardwell was forced to leave the ground and drive to a public phone booth to make arrangements to take Parke to hospital for treatment on his finger. During the reserves game he had been forced to find the Saints secretary and get use of a phone to make arrangements for Barrie Vagg to go to hospital after finding the public phone at the ground was out of order.

Best were Lakes, Clark and Dillon

Melbourne 16.14 d. St Kilda 10.16
Goals - Callery 4, Aitken 2, Vagg 2, Moylan 2, Clarke 1, Stone 1, Biffen 1, Weekes 1, Hayes 1, McKenzie 1
Best - Aitken, McKenzie, Weekes

Under 19s
Melbourne 17.22 d. St Kilda 12.14
Goals - Brown 5, Wells 4, L. Allen 2, Swift 2, Stephenson 2, Weir 2
Best - Wells, Brown, Swift

Age - 23/06/1969
Age - 24/06/1969
Football Record R12 1969

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